Mac Pro 2019: Everything You Need To Know and What We Want To See

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Whether the Mac Pro is popular is not, that is debatable. However, there has been an outcry from fans wishing that Apple will release a new version of the said device to which the Cupertino company finally listened to. In fact, just last year, the company hinted that it’s working on a new and upcoming version of the said device.

But first… What is the Mac Pro exactly?

Not to be confused, although it’s part of the Mac line, it isn’t the MacBook Pro or iMac Pro. The Mac Pro is a high-end desktop model built for power and performance. According to an article, it offers flexible memory options and vast amounts of hard disk space. In addition to that, it also offers the ability to personalize and expand its hardware and software.

When Can We Expect It?

Last April of 2017, it was revealed that Apple was working on it. In fact, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller said, “We’re in the process of completely rethinking the Mac Pro.” With that, expectations started pointing towards a 2018 release.

However, the following year and in the same month, the expectation of a 2018 release date was shattered. According to a report, the Cupertino-based company has confirmed that Mac Pro will be released somewhere in 2019 with Apple’s Senior Director of Mac Hardware Product Marketing Tom Boger saying:

“We want to be transparent and communicate openly with our pro community so we want them to know that the Mac Pro is a 2019 product,” and continues, “It’s not something for this year.”

So what month of 2019 can we expect it? Well, reports are pointing towards a debut on June and a release in December – this is based on the currently available model that was released way back in 2013. However, there’s also a chance the company may not follow this schedule so it’s best to take it with a pinch of salt.

So Much Will It Cost?

For the price tag of the Mac Pro 2019, sadly, there have been no official announcements made or any leaks. All we can do is just cite the price of the current model which starts at $2,999.

Rumored Specs/Features

Last December of 2017, Apple mentioned that they’re working on a redesigned next-generation Mac Pro. It’s intended for people who want the highest performance and high-throughput system in a modular and upgradeable design.

On another report, in regards to its processor, if it’s not going to be packed with Intel processors, then it could come with the Apple T1 (found in MacBook Pro) or the Apple T2 (found in the iMac Pro). However, reports suggest that it could most likely be the T2.

What Fans Want To See

Of course, just like any other upcoming device that has a predecessor, there will at least be some specs and features that fans would like to see on the device. For the Mac Pro 2019, the fan expectations are:

  • More internal expansion
  • Dual-processor options
  • It will come with a mouse and keyboard
  • iOS apps

Are you excited about the Mac Pro 2019? What month do you think it will be released? What about its price? Also, do you agree with the fan expectations? Tell us in the comment section below.

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