Mac Mini 2018: 'Pro' Update News Gets Polarized Response, End Of Product Line?

Yves Amodia
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A recent report revealed that Apple is finally releasing the Mac Mini 2018. The new device, which will serve as the first Mac Mini update in four years, will reportedly be marketed mainly to professional users like creatives and developers.

Mac Mini 2018 update for pro users

There is a big chance that the upgrades for the 2018 update for the Mac Mini will mainly fall on the graphics side, according to Mac World. This is so that it can target creatives working on graphic design, video editing, visual effects and other graphics-related careers.

To achieve this goal, Apple will have to integrate a better substitute to its now-outdated Iris graphics chipset. This will enable the compact desktop to handle large files and heavier tasks.

As to its other performance specs, Apple may also need to upgrade to high-end options. Its current version only has 16GB of RAM, 1TB of Fusion Drive and 3GHz Core i7 processor. Apple may have to use newer and faster chipsets for this so that it would appeal more to creatives and other professionals.

Apart from that, it is also reasonable to expect that the Mac Mini 2018 will also be able to acquire Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C ports. This is so that you will be able to use the latest peripherals on the compact desktop.

Mac Mini’s increase in price

Surprisingly, however, it looks like the new Mac Mini will lose one of the properties that made it popular in the first place. It may exceed the traditional $500 price tag usually set for the Mac Mini, according to News 18. This is due to the major improvements in the specs. This news divided a lot of potential users because the Mac Mini was the cheapest way to get the Mac experience.

Do you think the Mac Mini 2018 that will be designed mainly for pro users will make a splash in its target market? Which upgraded specs and features do you think will make an impact among users? Post an entry in the comments section below.


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