Mac Mini 2018 No More? 6 Reasons Why Apple Should Continue The Line

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The status of the Mac Mini 2018 has become a mystery among avid Apple fans in the past years. With no new update since October 2014, the small desktop computer may no longer be a priority for the company. But could Apple actually abandon the plan for its development and release altogether?

Canceled Mac Mini 2018?

While no one really knows what Apple is planning about the Mac Mini 2, there are a lot of people who think that the company should continue the product line, according to the Straits Times. These are six reasons why the Cupertino, California tech firm should push through in the development of the Mac Mini 2018:

Great transition device from Windows to Mac

If you are so used to Windows devices and you are planning to use Mac computers moving forward, the Mac Mini is a good choice as a transition gadget. The mouse, monitor and keyboard setup from Windows is pretty much the same while introducing you to the Mac experience. As Mac has an incredibly different platform from Windows, the Mac Mini 2018 will help beginner users to learn about the operating system easily.

Cheap option for basic functions

The most recent Mac Mini started at $499 when it was introduced into stores. This is almost two times more affordable than the next cheapest Mac device in 2014. The Mac Mini 2018 will be able to continue this tradition, without compromising too much on the performance. Users will still be able to do basic functions on the computer.


It is not exactly a laptop. But it is portable so you can bring it anywhere and just plug it into a monitor, keyboard or mouse.

Better connectivity

Do not let the small size fool you. Mac Minis have a lot of connectivity options. That will certainly improve with the next entry in the series.

Strong nostalgic value

The fact that it is taking four years for Apple to update the Mac Mini has led to people becoming nostalgic for the days when the small compact desktop was so popular. Nostalgia will certainly be a strong selling point for the next Mac Mini device.

Power efficiency

The current version of the Mac Mini only runs at a maximum of 40W. For a computer, this is extremely low, making it one of the most energy-efficient options in the market. Users have the slower processor click and the Haswell processors to thank for that.

Other rumors

Even as hope for a new Mac Mini 2018 has dwindled in the past few years, it is apparent that Apple still considers the product line one of the prime items on its product catalog, according to Mac World. In fact, Apple confirmed at an April 2017 event that it still considers the Mac Mini “an important product.”

Perhaps the company will be issuing an update to the product this year. Renowned tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that Apple will release the 2018 version of the Mac Mini along with a cheaper MacBook in autumn.

Do you think there is a strong basis for Apple to cancel the Mac Mini 2018? Are the reasons mentioned above strong enough to prevent the company from canceling the much-awaited device? Let us know by posting comments below.

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