Mac Mini 2018: Should You Go for the New Version or Not? - Find Out Why

Ruby Balagso
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For years, everybody has been waiting for a Mac Mini 2, and 2018 could be the year of its arrival. There is a continuous interest in the Mac Mini as a Plex server that can be combined with Hue lightning in order to be a legendary alternate for the Apple TV.

Some users are engrossed in a low priced Mac, but it is not the best alternative when it comes to having the convenience of having a laptop. Considering this fact, users may want to think thoroughly before deciding to purchase the current Mac Mini, wait for the Mac Mini 2018 release date, or maybe uncover some other possible choices.

The following are adequate reasons to wait for the Mac Mini 2:

  1. The latest Mac Mini is insufficient in terms of power.
  2. Apple says that the Mac Mini is still essential.
  3. Try to wait for a little longer.
  4. If users really want a low priced Mac then the best option is to wait.

On the other hand, the following are justifiable reasons not to wait for the Mac Mini 2018:

  1. A computer is badly needed right now.
  2. There is no assurance that a Mac Mini will be released this year.
  3. Mac Mini deals are not worth waiting for.
  4. If users do not like Apple’s latest course in releasing their gadgets, then there is no reason to wait.

According to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, the Mac Mini is still significant to Apple. Fresh reports from a dependable source likewise state that a new Mac Mini is among Apple’s forthcoming products this year.

The release date for the Mac Mini is expected to occur by September of October 2018. This includes the arrival of new MacBook variants that have processors and specs by the month of July. Other announcements are anticipated to come out at the latter part of the year.

Incidentally, it is not known what Apple will undertake to make a brand new Mac Mini. But the recent report from Ming-Chi Kou states that upgrades for processors are expected to be integrated with the low-cost Mac. It is also unclear if a fresh design will go with the upgraded processors.

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