Mac Mini Might Get A Surprise Comeback In The Apple Line

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Mac Mini might get a surprise comeback in the Apple Line. This may be one of the things that most of us are looking forward. Known for its cheap price, Mac Mini 2018 will be the entry-level computer Apple provides to its consumer.

We are all aware the Apple is currently working on some low-cost Mac computers and it may be pertaining to the new line of MacBook Air or the new, budget-friendly 13-inch MacBook. We also can’t leave out the pocket save Mac Mini.

We saw the last update to the Mac Mini out there last October 2014 and up until now, consumers still haven’t seen a noteworthy update or some sort of modification for this mini machine. Users are looking every year for the next advancement i.e. Mac Mini 2 but year after year, none has come but probably the time has come.

A few years ago, there was a report that Apple developed an upgraded version of the Mac Mini for their employees and can only be used within Apple’s facilities. It was made from refurbished iPhone parts and it might have a better specification than what is on the market. This may be a preview of what we can expect for the Mac Mini 2018.

A post from Pike’s stated that the Mac Mini’s top line wouldn’t be that small. The low-priced Mac has some fairly lower specs compared to its higher tier cousins and it clearly needs a few bums to keep up.

Intel’s Haswell processor is currently under its belt and many hopefuls are looking for an updated processor for the new Mac Mini 2 and they might get this in the future. Like in the iMac, recent installments of graphic cards might be a good addition too. USB Type-C may also be present in this compact computer.

Many have predicted that this coming WWDC 2018 might not showcase any new Apple device and the release of the much-awaited product updates, specially Apple’s hardware might get push until later this year. In contrast, Apple stated back in April 2017 that Mac Mini 2018 is still “an important product.”

Prices involving Apple product, especially the Mac Mini may be still within the same price range but may feature new chips and higher specs. Maybe a little bit higher, but it wouldn’t erase the fact that this is the cheapest in the line.

Still, hopes are high and Apple might surprise us in the end. In the coming months, the company might release a new line of reasonable priced Macs for the masses and they might include the cheapest Mac line available to date. Stay tuned and look out for more tech news.

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