Apple Mac Mini 2018: Latest News, Updates and Specs Rumors

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It has been almost four years since Apple last released a Mac Mini. The company, however, has dropped hints that it is working on a Mac Mini 2018 that may be released before the year ends.

Latest Mac Mini 2018 news

No Mac Mini 2 was announced in the recently c0ncluded Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018. This was even after several tech pundits expected a new model to be unveiled in the event.

However, that does not mean that fans of the company’s more affordable Mac line should give up. Apple has confirmed that they still consider the Mac Mini “an important product” on its lineup, according to Macworld UK. This hints that the tech giant is still considering releasing a new model.

Design and specs

There is a big chance that Apple will be giving buyers an option to purchase a quad-core option of the Mac Mini 2018. This was after the 2014 release skipped the quad-core version. The standard RAM of the Mini may also be upgraded to 8GB.

As to the design, consumers and tech pundits expect the Mac Mini 2 to retain the classic design of the other Mac laptops, except thinner and smaller.

Pricing and release date

October is the most likely release date for an upgraded Mac Mini if the company is to introduce it this year. The expected price starts at $500, roughly the same as the last model.

Other Apple news

While this year’s WWDC was devoid of any Mac Mini upgrade news, there was still major Mac-related news that will delight Apple fans. Craig Federighi, the company’s senior vice president of software engineering, has confirmed that Apple is working on porting apps on iPhone and iPad to Mac devices, according to Wired.

This development does not mean that Apple will be merging its mobile and desktop operating systems. Instead, the company’s development team is working on enabling Mac users to open iOS apps. In connection, Federighi also dismissed rumors that Mac is creating touchscreen laptops.

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