Mac Mini 2018: Everything You Need To Know Before Miniature Desktop Computer Gets Released

Daphne Planca
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A lot of rumors have been pointing out about the revamped miniature desktop computer from the tech giant Apple. This machine will be expected to be named either Mac Mini 2018 or Mac Mini 2 or Mac Mini Pro. Either way, this indicates how the company is planning to release a new version of this machine this coming October this year.

According to Macworld, Bloomberg’s tech news journalists Mark Gurman and Debbie Wu claimed that the Mac Mini 2018 will be an upgraded version focused on the professionals. This machine will likely come with a new storage and processor options making it more expensive than the previously released Mac Mini versions already sold in the market nowadays.

This report does confirm the well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo for KGI Securities. Just so you will know, Kuo’s earlier report indicated that the long-time outdated Mac Mini lineup will be getting a new update later this year. This left many blanks in between now and its speculated release date—undoubtedly sometime between the middle and late fall—following the new iPhones 2018 announcements in September.

Everything about this Mac Mini 2 still remains a mystery to each of us despite the fact that the new Pro focus is true. If ever this machine is a reimagined revamp, then the company needs to include many things to ensure it is saleable. This original Mac Mini has not been updated since late 2014. Because of this, the company might consider naming it next to the predecessor.

There are substantial increases in the processor and the storage hardware. This may result in the company’s decision to consider naming it as Mac Mini Pro as well as to have a higher starting price of above $1,000. Yet, many people would still highly appreciate this machine for the lower price because it does not have the screen, keyboard, or mouse. Then, not all professionals are willing enough to spend thousands of dollars on just a new PC without a configuration.

The Mac Mini 2018 would be very interesting if it has a slimmed-down form factor to make it the ultraportable machine with probably 4×4-inch square footprint. The 7.7-inch version is no longer impressive even if it can easily fit into a bag. Then, if the users could add more RAM and storage, this makes the machine much more attractive to the professionals.

The Mac Mini 2 would also be nice if it will be packed with the best possible processor like the latest Intel’s Core i9 silicone as a high-end BTO option seen in the latest MacBook Pro. This would make it worthy to be positioned along with the MacBook Pros currently available in the Apple Stores. Then, it would be awesome inside if paired with the Core i7-AMD RX Vega M graphics processing unit.

The old Mac Mini makes up for its lacking power in its ports including four USB 3 ports, SDXC card slot, HDMI, two Thunderbolt 2, Gigabit Ethernet, and most importantly the 3.5millimeter headphone jack. It would be a huge mistake for the company to dump ports for the Mac Mini Pro just to keep the machine slim and thin. More ports would be nice, especially the headphone jack.

So, what are your thoughts about the Mac Mini 2018 or Mac Mini 2 or Mac Mini Pro? Yay or nay? Let us know by writing in the comment section below.

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