Mac Mini 2018: Did Apple Put Too Much Focus On iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, Apple Watch Series 4?

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A few weeks before yesterday’s Apple Keynote event, it was reported that the company will be finally releasing the Mac Mini 2018. The release would have been the first update of the compact desktop line since 2014. But when the event ended without any announcement of the Mac Mini, audiences and fans were left thinking if it is the end of the product line as we know it.

Mac Mini 2018 delay

A lot of people were surprised that the Apple did not reveal a Mac Mini 2018 device during the Keynote event. It can be remembered that numerous articles and reports about the upcoming compact desktop’s features and specs surfaced in the weeks leading up to the September 12 press event.

One of the most striking reports about the Mac Mini is that it will be marketed mainly to pro users, according to Tech Radar. This means that its features and specs are mainly designed to satisfy graphics designers and other creatives.

Is the delay perhaps a confirmation from Apple that the Mac Mini is no longer one of its priority products? It could be. But that is highly unlikely considering that Apple CEO still regards the compact desktop as “important.” He said this in response to a fan email last year, according to Cult of Mac.

This is pretty much the same comments that Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing, said during the iMac Pro launch in 2017. This could mean that we may be seeing a surprise for the upcoming release.

Too much focus on the 2018 iPhones?

One of the key observations on the Apple Keynote event is the excessive focus on the 2018 iPhones and the Apple Watch Series 4. While the iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone Xs are amazing, the company could have had a more diverse lineup if it included the Mac Mini 2018.

However, there is some valid logic in investing more in the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. After all, the release of the iPhone X did not result in a considerable rise in company earnings. This was even though the major redesign became the bestselling device of the first two quarters of the year.

What does the delay in Mac Mini release mean?

With the postponement of the Mac Mini’s release, pundits are left wondering what it means. The most credible theory is that it was delayed so that it can have the 9th Gen Intel Core processor, according to Trusted Reviews. This will make the compact desktop even more powerful.

It is also possible that the company really intended the Apple Keynote event to focus on the 2018 iPhones like the iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs. All the computer-related hardware like the Mac Mini 2018 and the new MacBook Air 2018 will instead be presented in a separate event in October.

Do you think Apple concentrated too much on working on its expected bestselling products like the Apple Watch Series 4, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs? Should the company invest more money in the development and launch of the Mac Mini 2018? Let us know by posting in the comments section underneath this article.

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