Mac Mini 2018: Six Features and Specs Business Pros Want

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The Mac Mini 2018 is arguably one of the Apple devices that people are most looking forward to this year. The product line, which has not seen an update in almost four years, may be getting a new entry before the year ends.

Mac Mini 2018 refresh for professionals

Reports say that this year’s Mac Mini will be geared mainly to professional users. These users are often those that are involved in the creative, graphics and software development industries. These six features and specs are among those that every business pro should look out for in upcoming Mac Mini 2:

Better processing power and performance

Any Apple device upgrade will not be enough if it does not improve the hardware’s performance. For this year’s update, the Mac Mini will likely get either a 7th or 8th generation Intel Core processing chip, according to Trusted Reviews. This will speed up processing in a massive way.

This will definitely make the Mac Mini 2 more appealing to those who want to do graphic design and software development. These tasks usually need top of the line CPUs so the new Mac Mini will be a good choice for them.

It is also possible that Apple worked hard on achieving 4K graphics on this iteration of the Mac Mini. If the company is able to do that, the Mac Mini 2018 could serve as a viable alternative to the Apple TV, according to the Tech Republic.

Improved storage

With the increasing need for more storage among computer users, it is only normal for users to expect a minimum of 1TB of storage for this year’s Mac Mini. Since Apple will be targeting business pros for the new device, they will be using lots of storage space for graphics and video work.

More ports

If there is one thing that Apple did right with the 2014 version of the Mac Mini, it is the variety and number of the ports it has. It has a headphone jack, audio, Ethernet, HDMI port, SDXC card slot, and USB ports. It is possible that we will see the addition of a Lightning port for the new Mac Mini.

Accessory bundle

While portable, the Mac Mini still needs accessories to function. Apple should offer a reasonably-priced accessory bundle that includes a mouse and a keyboard.

Enhanced connectivity

If Apple is able to create a better network connectivity experience on the Mac Mini 2, they will surely be able to get a lot of earnings in the long run. Tech users want high-speed Internet connections and network transfers so Apple has to work on this particular area.

Innovative macOS Mojave

The macOS Mojave is the fifteenth OS release from this particular software line. The Mac Mini will certainly sell well if Apple makes it among the first devices to get the new OS.

This year’s Mac Mini refresh is said to be one of the devices that will be shown in this month’s big Apple hardware event. It will happen in the Steve Jobs Theater at the Apple Campus in Cupertino, California. It is expected that the three 2018 iPhone models and the Apple Watch Series 4 will be announced as well.

Are you excited to get your hands on the Mac Mini 2018? Which feature are you most excited about with the upcoming compact desktop? Let us know through posting a comment below this article.

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