Low-Cost iPhone SE2 Could Be On The Way After iPhone SE’s Outstanding Surprise Weekend Sale?

Daphne Planca
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The tech giant Apple just tested out the retail impact of a cheaper iPhone SE in a surprise sale over the weekend January 19 and 20. The outstanding stock clearly suggested that there is high demand for a small 4-inch iPhone at a low cost. Because of this, some speculated that this could be the time to launch a new iPhone SE, allegedly iPhone SE 2.

According to Forbes, shortly after the iPhone SE appeared on sale via the clearance section of the company’s website, it reached sold-out status. The company gained data on the popularity and demand on SE even if there is no total number of units sold. They can extrapolate the impact of sales of the higher-end and more expensive smartphones. They could benefit from a cheaper headset without killing sales of the high-end handsets.

For the last two years, new iPhones were released at higher prices. Unfortunately, the company had lowered its revenue guidance to $9 billion ahead of its earnings call scheduled for January 29. This is because the sales have not met expectations in the last weeks of 2018 including Christmas.

Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook suggested that China was the reason for the fallout. He blamed the trade wars with China and their economic downturn. If he is serious about moving to a “software and services first” approach, the company could open up all of its services to Android and Windows 10 users like iMessage.

Then, the number of iOS users who will avail the services should be increased. To do that, the company can release more smartphones. They can also sell more smartphones at a lower price. All of this gives way to the highly anticipated launch of iPhone SE2. This phone is what is lacking in the company’s iPhone lineup. It is expected to be a new-but-also-low-priced handset. It is appealing to stylish consumers who want a low-cost iPhone but don’t want to settle for one that is more than two years old.

How about you? Do you want a low-cost handset like the iPhone SE 2? Let us know your thoughts and reactions by writing in the comment section below.

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