The Long-Awaited Release; Would There Be A Mac Mini This 2018?

Ronald Balondo
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The Mac Mini which is one of the fan favorites in the Apple line of computers is known for its affordability. However, the recent years shows that there weren’t any new and significant update for the Mac Mini.

Some people ponder that the Mac Mini line is on its way to the shelves but many hopefuls think that the line deserves a second chance and a spot in the mainstay of the famous Mac computers. In the recent WWDC 2018, Mac Mini fans that are looking forward to any news from the company about their favorite line but didn’t get even a word about it. In fact, the recent event didn’t showcase any new hardware or any announcement of what to expect not only for the Mac Mini but in the overall Mac hardware.

A ray of hope for Mac Mini users, way back in April 2017, Apple made a statement that points to the importance of Mac Mini in their lineup. the company regarded the line as “an important product,” and from this, we can expect huge things from the tech giant that they still have plans for the Mac Mini.

The June event from Apple which is the WWDC usually houses all of the unveilings of most of the Mac products but now the event has passed, the most logical release for any new products would be the September event where Apple usually introduces new iPhone products. The fact is that there are no solid leads on when Apple is going to release the new Mac Mini 2018. Many speculated that it will become available in October like the 2014 release. Probably, we could get our new Mac Mini 2 before the end of this year.

The potential price of the Mac Mini 2018 could go around or probably a little bit higher than the prices of the previous Mac Mini. The cheapest Mac Mini cost around $500 last 2014 while the mid and the high-end version costs around $699 and $999 respectively.

With the advancements in technologies and peripherals in recent years, we are sure that we will see improvements in the Mac Mini 2. These improvements are necessary to keep up with some of the competitors like VivoMini from Asus and the Intel NUC

The new chipset will be placed under the hood make sense and an update from the 4th-generation chip that is currently in the line up is a very sensible move. We might see 7th or 8th-generation chips, possibly newer, in the new Mac Mini installment.

Thunderbolt 3 also known as USB-C would be a great addition to the system along with jump from the 4GB to a possible 8GB or RAM. Smaller and thinner casing is also expected if ever we got a new version this year but after all of the internal buffs, many doubt that it will fit in a smaller casing. Playing 4K content in a Mac Mini 2018 would be a great wonder but It would less likely to happen especially for a budget-friendly device with an entry to mid-level internals.

Overall, many people wanted Mac Mini to live on and still get an adequate update from the company. Hopefully, we can get a concrete update from Apple about the plans that they intended for the Mac Mini and the whole Mac computer line.

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