LiberiOS iOS 11 Jailbreak Now Available, Step-By-Step Process Detailed

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The iOS jailbreak community has been silent since Apple released a bug bounty system way back in 2016. But recently, a lot of tech pundits were surprised as latest tech news today publicized that LiberiOS iOS 11 jailbreak is already accessible.

iOS 11 Jailbreak Step-By-Step Procedure

First, connect any 64-bit iOS 11 smartphone to a computer utilizing a USB Lightning cable. Afterwards, back up your operating system and files using the newest version of iTunes.

With your device still connected, launch Cydia Impactor using the PC and drag the downloaded LiberiOS iOS 11 jailbreak file into the UI. The platform will prompt for Apple ID credentials, and then will sideload the signed app onto your connected handset the moment the user logs in.

After the owner of the iOS device has sideloaded the app, he has to head to Settings > General > Profile and Device management on the iOS device. Afterwards, tap the new profile that is linked to the jailbreak app. Set permissions to “trusted” to permit the LiberiOS iOS 11 jailbreak application to launch.

The moment that the LiberiOS app is installed, the user will have to navigate going to the Home Screen and launch it. Tick the “Do It” button, and the program will do the rest.

If the whole thing worked properly, the user must see a white screen popping up stating that “it worked.” At that phase, they can already exit the app and enjoy the device is now jailbroken.

At this moment the handset must be jailbroken successfully. It will be completely unlocked until the user either reboot or need to leave the app after seven days. When either one of those conditions occurred they will now have to follow the second and fifth step to re-jailbreak the iOS device.

Where To Download iOS 11 Jailbreak

For those who still don’t know the place to download the LiberiOS, latest tech news today revealed that they can head to Jonathan Levin’s website.

Have you tried installing the iOS 11 jailbreak? How was the experience? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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