LG K12+ / K12 Plus: Latest Render And Specs Leaked, Coming At MWC 2019?

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Gather around LG fans, the render and specs of the LG K12+ (aka K12 Plus) were leaked. Moreover, it’s expected to be announced this month.

The Leak

The render and specs leak for the LG K12+ were featured over at SlashLeaks. According to the site, the source came from Tiger Mobiles.


As you can see from this photo, it presents the front design of the LG K12+ smartphone. It’s quite similar to other LG phones like K10 (2017), K10 (2018) and K11 Plus which features curved edges, a speaker on top, and black strips at the top and bottom.

On this second photo, it showcases the specifications of the LG K12+ handset. As you can see, the said device will come with a MediaTek MT6762 chipset, 3GB RAM and a screen resolution of 720×1440 pixels. Moreover, it will be running on Android 8.1.

When Can We Expect The Device?

According to Tiger Mobiles, the LG K12+ will probably be announced at 2019 Mobile World Congress (MWC). The event will be held at Fira de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain from February 25 to 28 (Mon-Thursday).

Last year, at the 2018 MWC, LG launched the K10, K10+ and K8.  Both the 2018 K10 and K8 were later released on June. So assuming that the K12+ will be announced at MWC 2019, we can probably expect it to be released in the month of June.

But What If It Won’t Be Announced At MWC 2019?

Well, if that’s the case, we can probably look at the K11 Plus (aka K11+). This handset was both announced and released in July of 2018. But of course, these are only speculations so take it with a pinch of salt.

What Can We Expect At MWC 2019 From LG?

According to reports, there are three possible phones coming at MWC 2019. LG will release a 5G phone at the event, though it’s unclear whether it will be the LG G8 or the LG V50 ThinQ. However, some reports also suggest that both the G8 and V50 ThinQ will be announced at the show.

Are you looking forward to the LG K12+? Tell us in the comment section below.

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