This is GoPro Hero 7! Leaked Photo Of Next Generation Action Camera Surfaces

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Leaked videos and photos of a certain product pique interest to all tech fans. The leaked photo of the new generation Hero 7 action camera from GoPro is no exception. Expected to be out to the public at a later part of this month, a certain store already displayed the new action camera and became one of the hottest topics in the tech world.

GoPro Hero 7 shows three variants and does look familiar as it shares the same characteristics as the Hero 6. The next generation cameras were showcased with three color variants namely white, silver and black.

GoPro Hero 7

Credit- Reddit

The three new variants of the Hero 7 are virtually identical except for the black one that is showing a front screen. On the other hand, the new white and the silver GoPro shows some traces of the Hero 4 that features the silver model that came without a front screen.

Although showing similarity to the Hero 6’s physical attributes, the Hero 7 sports a possible gimbal-like stabilization in capturing images and videos. This process implemented in the new action camera promises a more stable and smoother quality than its predecessors.

Hero 6 is known to mount a system that is capable of talking videos with quality precision. It showcases 4K video capture at 60 frames per second and featured a custom built GP1 processor. from that, we expect that the new Hero 7 will feature 4K nature at 60 fps at the very least and could give us more.

The image showing the new GoPro Hero 7 was removed already but the discussion on Reddit has already been posted. With this, many expect that the discussion for the new action camera will continue to grow. The image source also suggests that the Hero 7 can go underwater which is rated to withstand up to 10 meters or up to 33 feet deep.

GoPro and its products of action camera lines are almost synonymous with each other. With the company’s unsuccessful attempt at expanding its ground to the drones lines, we can expect that the company will give an all-out effort for the Hero 7 campaign.

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