Leaked Photo And Drawing Of New Gimbal-Stabilized DJI Camera Spotted!

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Gather around, drone fans. There are some new details for you from the drone world. This time around, a drawing and a leaked photo of a new DJI product were spotted online over the weekend. The product is a gimbal-stabilized DJI camera.

DJI’s New Product?

Over the weekend, verified drone pilot, aerial photographer and filmmaker OsitaLV (@OsitaLV) shared two photos of a new DJI product.

OsitaLV noted a few things. One is that it will be expensive. The other thing is that he’s waiting for the new DL lens set and believes that it will probably contain 4 zoom and 4 prime lenses.

However, the most interesting part probably is the “Product 330” that OsitaLV mentioned. What is it? We don’t know. We tried looking at other reports. According to DroneDJ, it’s certainly a name that we’ve never heard before. It could be a codename for a prototype product or it might be nothing at all.

As for the reactions from the Twitter users, they were were mixed.

Insung Hwang (@InsungFilms) said, “Man that’s ugly.

Lovas Ádám (@LovasAdam) said, “Nothing new! All DJI products cost a lot…

Dragu Jhn (@Dragujhn) said, “DJI OSMO 2?!?

Dazza (@dalski1969) said, “Phantom 5 (thumbs up emoji) gotcha

Cody Porche said, “Man I hope this is true!!!

When Is DJI’s Next Event?

Back in late January 2019, DroneDJ noted that the DJI Phantom 5 drone could be launched in late April or May. We then noted on our previous reports that given that we’re already in March and assuming that DJI will be hosting an event in April or in May for a new product, we’ll probably hear something soon.

So DJI’s next event will be in April or May? We can’t say that for sure. Among the many reasons, one is that the late April or May rumored launch date is for the DJI Phantom 5. Add in the million dollar question: Is the DJI Phantom 5 event really coming in 2019? All we can do right now is continue the waiting game.

What are your thoughts about the leaked photo and drawing of the new DJI product? Tell us in the comment section below.

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