Leak Tips on Galaxy Note 9: Samsung's Main Upgrade Strategy

Ruby Balagso
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The major leak on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is considered a big disclosure. The gadget has been surrounded by a small number of leaks in the previous weeks, and a glimpse of its entire front and rear portions may have already been publicly given away. However, inbuilt details like the camera and its other capabilities can only be experienced once the actual gadget is already in our possession.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note models are expected to have a significant innovation on the Galaxy S. This is going to be the source of what we can anticipate from the Galaxy Note 8. But, the Galaxy S9 is not the best basis for the Galaxy Note 9’s features and performance. Except for the camera, that is.

According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, there is a possibility of a camera upgrade on the Galaxy Note 9. The upgrade is an improvement compared to the one already within the Galaxy S9. Every component and feature is assumed to be an improvement over the Note 8.

The previous year saw Galaxy Note 8’s rear camera setup performance on a 12MP/12MP, and the Galaxy S9 also has the same camera characteristics on its back portion. So, it is not surprising when the Galaxy Note 9 comes with a camera set that has a 16MP/24MP quality resolution. This could be equated with Huawei’s Honor 10 should that be the case.

The latest news on the Galaxy Note 9 stated that Samsung will introduce the gadget on the 9th of August 2018, which is earlier than the supposed launch of the Galaxy Note 8. The company’s strategy in having its products rival each other for market share by releasing one ahead of the other for a few weeks is certainly an innovative move.

Past leaks likewise indicate that the Galaxy Note 9 will stun the market with its remarkable upgrades.  The upgrade is expected to comprise a better looking front display from top to bottom minus a notch, which will be terrific! However, Samsung it seems is holding back for either the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy S X. So, let’s wait and see.

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