Latest Updates On The iMac 2018 Release Date, Price, Design and Specifications

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Ever since its introduction in December 2017, the interest on the iMac Pro has been overwhelming, which is why there is a lot of expectations about the forthcoming iMac 2018. This article covers assumptions on the upcoming iMac’s features, specs, release date, and price.

Twenty years after launching the Bondi Blue iMac on August 15, 1998, Tim Cook tweeted that Steve Job’s public introduction of the iMac has definitely altered how people view computers. So, during Apple’s 2018 WWDC, many were expecting to hear an update on the iMac like they did in the 2017 WWDC. Unfortunately, no mention about the gadget was made.

However, expected updates on the said device are likely to be made during the last months of 2018. Maybe Apple might decide to silently bring everyone up-to-date on the iMac by closing their online shop for several hours while updating its web pages as they have typically done in the past.

Another probability is that Apple may put-off any impending announcements on the iMac 2018 till September this year or October 2018 as it contemplates on a considerable remodeling of the device, which will be touched on the latter part of this article.

If Apple decides to go through in making extensive modifications to the 2018 iMac design, then it is expected that the current prices on the market will change. Present iMac prices are as follows: Entry-level 21.5in iMac – £1,049, Mid-level 21.5in iMac – £1,249, Top-level 21.5in iMac- £1,449, Entry-level 27in iMac – £1,749, Mid-level 27in iMac – £1,949, Top-level 27in iMac, £2,249.

The iMac redesign could include the deletion of the hard drive to give more space within the gadget’s machine which paves way for a thinner chassis. Should Apple go for a thinner or more slender design? The likelihood of keeping the hard drive in its older iMac entry-level design has a bigger probability. Likewise, the iMac 2018 can fetch a lower price compared to the present level, particularly if it is built with similar chips like those on the 2017 iMac.

Still, on prices, it is doubtful that top-end iMacs will have any price decline. The price tag for the iMac Pro begins at £4,899, and presently the conventional iMac that equals the Pro’s 32GB RAM is priced at £3,509. The increase of £1,390 from a quad-core to an 8-core processor along with the Pro’s advanced graphics looks practical. However,      if the iMac is integrated with a 6-core processor, the difference between the two devices is trivial. So, Apple might increase the iMac’s price.

Since 2012, iMac has been sporting the same design layout where its sides have been slimmed down. But since the said design is more than 10 years now, iMac followers are requesting for a change in design as well as the enhancement of internal components. This will provide Apple the chance to slenderize the gadget more and maybe trim the chin further.

Rumors during the summer of 2017 have it that Apple is preparing for the redesigning of the iMac in 2018. This report came from the claims that were posted on Reddit made by an insider from Foxconn, and redesigning the device depends upon personal preferences.

The current iMac design is well-liked, and trimming the chin might result in having a thicker screen to fit in the components.  Cutting the chin will likely make the screen less user-friendly since this will be set it at a lower position on the gadget compared to its current location. But if Apple implements this change, then the company can have more space without the need to make the device thicker.

Apple may consider an OLED for the iMac 2018 display. But the certainty of incorporating the OLED in the company’s upcoming iMac is nil for the time being since there are issues regarding burn-in and color shift that must be worked out prior to incorporating its screens with OLED. Although TrueTone is expected to grace the 2018 iMac screen technology, which makes text reading on a white background easier.

Rumors likewise hint that Apple will be incorporating a Touch Bar on the keyboard when the 2017 iMac was unveiled. But it the said feature has still not been incorporated within the iMac. This move by the company may hint that it is likewise eliminating the Touch ID – a feature that is included within the Touch Bar. The new strategy Apple has for the identification of users is the Face ID that is likely to appear on the 2018 IMac.

In terms of processor, the iMac 2018 is expected to have 6-core options or a hexa-core that eradicates the difference between the iMac and iMac Pro. The 6-core-options present in Intel’s Coffee Lake i5 and i7 have also a great probability for being built into the iMac, where the subsequent Coffee Lake processors could be installed within the forthcoming iMac: Entry-level iMac could have the i3-8100 or i3-8350K; Mid-Range iMac may use the i5-8400 or i5-8600k; and the Top-of the-Range iMac could be equipped with the i7-8700 or i7-8700K.

Apple’s decision to utilize the above-mentioned processors will limit the gap of performance between the iMac and iMac Pro that is designed with -8, -10, -14 or 18-core Xeon W processors. Another probability is that Apple will make use of the 8th generation Kaby Lake R chips that provide a better performance compared to the present 7th generation Kaby Lake. An additional possibility is that Apple will introduce its own processors for its iMac product line.

A faster memory by utilizing the Coffee Lake RAM supported DDR4 at 2666MHz at 2666MHz dual channel mode will definitely improve the performance of the new iMac. There is also a great likelihood that the new iMac product line is integrated with graphics cards based on the AMD Vega and the Nvidia graphics card, although the latter entails more work to undertake.

As for connectivity, the 802.11ax is anticipated to hit the market during the following year. So, the new iMac 2018 may be designed to be compatible with the said new standard. This likewise includes a possibility of utilizing the UHS-II SD card support so any iPad input device can be utilized by the iMac.

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