Latest Rumors on the Apple Watch Series 4 Release Date, Specs and Price

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After the public launch of the Apple Series 3 on September 12, 2017, full expectations are underway for the release of Apple’s Watch Series 4 in terms of new features, technical specifications and price. Within this article are predictions on what the new technologies and features the Apple Watch Series 4 has to offer.

Since Apple did not say anything about the Watch Series 4 during the WWDC 2018 which was held on June 4, 2018, it is expected that the high-tech California-based company will probably launch it by the autumn of 2018 along with its new iPhones. The expected launch date is backed by Ming Chi-Kuo, industry analyst, who hints that the introduction could happen in autumn 2018.

Apple maintained the same type of layout for its three succeeding generations of watches, except for some slight enhancing features like new color and material selections along with a red spot on its cellular version. But with the added cellular connectivity – a noteworthy and fresh aspect last year, maybe it is time for Apple to concentrate on making a brand-new design for 2018.

According to Fast Company who cited a reliable source that is in the know with Apple’s concepts, Apple replaced the hardware buttons with solid touch-sensitive haptic buttons. Similar to the iPhone 7 and 8’s Home buttons, this type of button does not manually click in and out but digitally senses the nearness of the fingertip then replicates a click by means of a haptic vibration.

Taking the haptic button’s manner of operation, it cannot be utilized once the watch is totally powered off, and likewise enables its users to digitally modify the sensitivity of the buttons. Leaks also have it that eventually; Apple will launch a watch that will not have any buttons.

Repeated rumors indicate that Apple will construct the Apple Watch Series 4 with a round face that is similar to a standard analog wristwatch. While many followers are not entirely in agreement on how the design can affect the Android Wear watches’ interface, patents actions imply that Apple is contemplating the notion. Patent 9,940,866 maintains that electronic devices with curved edges are more space efficient when it comes to pixel arrays.

Aside from the haptic buttons and round face, the Apple Watch Series 4 as supported by Ming-Chi Kuo’s report last March 2018 would be built with an additional 15% screen space compared to the Series 3. Although it is unknown how a larger screen will affect the whole design, Kuo similarly forecasts a bigger capacity for the battery to be compatible with a bigger body.

In addition to the expected features given above, rumors insinuate that Apple is thinking of manufacturing smart-band with multi-function to retail with the watch. In transferring other technologies from the within the watch face into the smart bands, Apple will be including new aspects without being encumbered by the watch’s small sized face such as a larger battery or a camera.

Certain patents like the one that came out in May 2015 (Display Module and Systems Applications) suggest that a modular band can likewise be used for the watches. The modular strap can accommodate other watch features that can include health monitors. Thus, if modular bands are used it would allow Apple to construct a watch that is thinner and lighter freeing the watch face’s space in the process.

The new display design by an Apple patent that has been circulating in May 2017 illustrates how the Apple Watch new design will look like should it have an uninterrupted display running form the watch’s face all the way through the band. Magnetic bands are likewise being thrown into the mix, where the watch would have implanted magnets that would allow both sides to be clasped together.

Having gained an initial insight into how the appearance of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4 might be like, the possible hardware features of the Apple Watch Series 4 may include the clenched fist and hand flap gesture controls. There is also a big probability that if rumors about the modular straps are true, the Apple Watch will be sporting a camera.

In terms of battery life and health sensors, the new forthcoming Apple Watch will have a more enhanced battery life-span which is longer and where users can acquire precise data on their sleep information. As for new health sensors Tim Cook implied during an interview with Telegraph that Apple might make a medically approved gadget, however, it will not be on the Apple Watch. Although the company might be able to do away with the FDA approval by producing health sensors on the interchangeable straps that comes with the watch.

The EKG sensor is quite sophisticated and is relevant with the FDA approval concern, and the said sensor might be incorporated in Apple’s Series 5. The EKG sensor has the capacity to monitor current heart activity as well as pool previous data, making the watch more than capable of forecasting forthcoming heart ailments.

While it is still quite premature to make a guess on the Series 4’s technical specs, rumors have it that Apple has been testing MicroLED screens and might switch to it from their current OLED screens. However, MicroLED screens are more difficult to manufacture compared to OLEDs. So, this might not be a practical alternative for this year’s Apple Watch Series 4.

Ming-Chi Kuo gave a report predicting that the liquid crystal polymer (LCP) presently used for the iPhone X and iPhone 8 will likewise be used in the Mac and Apple Watch product lines. LCP, when incorporated in the antenna, will provide better frequency in terms of signal transmission.

When it comes to price, the Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular is tagged at £399, while those that are without cellular are priced at £329. The value is the same in the United States but in dollars. Consumers expect Apple to release it’s Series 4 watches within the same price range.

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