Latest OnePlus 7 Leaks You Should Not Miss – Specifications, Release Date, and Price

Daphne Planca
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Shenzhen-based smartphone company OnePlus just recently rolled out the excellent OnePlus 6T. Nothing is stopping the rumors and supposed leaks to keep on surfacing online for the next numbered OnePlus handset, the OnePlus 7.

According to Stuff, the company keeps on adding big features for their smartphones. Even if the details are still scarce as of now for the upcoming device, here is what you need to know. The device might have an incredibly striking design. The company could follow Samsung’s format like a camera with a little dot on the screen instead of a full notch cutout.

The 7nm Snapdragon 8150 (also known as the Snapdragon 855) could pack plenty of power. The recently released foldable Royale FlexPai smartphone has this chip. In the photography department, there are two possible setups for this device. It can be either a dual-camera setup or the triple-camera trend. So far, there are still no leaks about this.

The OnePlus 7 will likely be among the first major 5G-compatible phones on the market for next year. If so, the 5G networks will come rolling out soon. The company has already confirmed that they will be among the first companies to introduce a 5G phone. This is in time with the upcoming device. The company will have to release a 5G version of the current OnePlus 6T.

The release date of this device is sometime early summer next year. This will possibly be a May to June 2019 launch.  The company had previously teased a January 15 launch, but some indicate that it is unlikely because the date is too close on the current OnePlus 6T shipping. The device is hoped to be priced at the same £499 tag as the current OnePlus 6T. To recall, the OnePlus 5 and 5T were priced at £449 and the OnePlus 6 at £469.

So, what are your thoughts about the upcoming OnePlus 7? Are you ready for it? Let us know by writing in the comment section below.

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