Larger Screen and Interchangable Straps for the Apple Watch Series 4

Ronald Balondo
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September is coming in and that means we are only a few weeks away from Apple’s annual event and that points to the company’s release of new products. Rumors also suggest that a new Apple Watch Series 4 will become available for the public which is compatible with the existing Apple Watches straps from its last generation and the most important thing to consider is a possibility of a larger screen.

If the rumors are proven true, Apple Watch owners who are planning to get the new fourth generation smartwatch could swap the straps of their favorite wearable. The new idea for interchangeable straps from the previous generation Apple Watches would go a long way for both the company and the consumers.

The reverse compatibility of the straps was made possible because of the reported size of the new Apple Watches having the same size as the previous generation. Although, the size will stay the same, many speculations point to having a larger screen.

This was leaked the famous Ming-Chi Kuo who provides information about Apple’s product lines. The tip from Kuo was made last March and according to him, the Apple Watch Series 4 features a bigger screen for the 38mm and the 42mm models.

The new variants of the fourth generation Apple Watch will have a 1.57-inch display and the other one sports a 1.78-inch display. The Series 4 Watches provides a huge upgrade and the figure shows 15% bigger screen compared to its predecessor.

We all know that Apple products don’t come cheap and the same thing can be said to Apple accessories like the straps on Apple Watches. If you’re looking for an upgrade or just wanted to get the latest wearable from the company, an extra strap wouldn’t hurt.

Above all, the reports are still not yet proven until we see the Apple Watch Series 4 first hand. Let’s wait for Tim Cook to provide us what Apple can offer within its smart wearable department.

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