Can KASLR Bypass Lead To iOS 11.2.6 Jailbreak?

Jasper Valdez
2:20 PM

After successfully creating a jailbreak tool for Apple’s iOS 11.1.2, jailbreak community developers are trying out their luck in gaining access to the next firmware update, the iOS 11.2.6. After a lot of trials, it seems like their hard work has finally paid off as a new tool that successfully bypasses KASLR on the said iOS software has been unearthed, which, in turn, provides new insight for an official jailbreak tool.

First and foremost, KASLR is the Cupertino giant’s most lauded security measure, which was created to deter the jailbreaking of devices. However, as we mentioned, the hacking community has bypassed this particularly troublesome feature through the extra_recipe_extra-bug tool. This bypass tool works by exploiting the heap overflow in the iOS 11.2.6 caused by the implementation of an unverified value function placed by Apple engineers.

To many of you, this particular tool might ring a bell. True to its name, the extra_recipe_extra_bug finds its origins from the jailbreak tool developed by Xerub for iOS 10 and 10.1.1, the extra_recipe jailbreak. Interestingly, the original code of the tool still does wonders when it comes to new firmware versions that are with the iOS 11.2.6 being no exception.

Although the code alone does not constitute an official iOS 11.2.6 jailbreak, however, the exploit brings us much closer to the creation of an exploit tool. The code itself is already a fundamental aspect of the venture since it lays the groundwork for the full cracking of iOS 11.2.6 by being able to bypass KASLR. That’s why the only thing we need to do right now is to wait for further vulnerabilities to be found. 

Taking this new development into account, its plausible for a jailbreak tool to appear not long from now. In addition to this, once a kernel bug gets released, developers working on the exploit will be able to come out with an iOS 11.2.6 jailbreak tool the soonest. 

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