Journalism Under Attack: Recent Killings of Journalists

Purnima Gupta
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Another journalist was shot dead on 22nd November in the North Eastern state of Tripura. Sudip Dutta Bhowmick, who is crime reporter and worked with a Bengali news daily Syandan Patrika, was killed inside the camp of Tripura state rifles at RK Nagar, close to Eastern Agartala.

People who were present at the crime scene said that there was a major scuffle between him and an Army Jawan, named Nand Reang. Nandu Reang shot Sudip in heat of the moment when their scuffle turned worse. Sudip was taken to a nearby hospital where he was declared brought dead on the same day. While the soldier was being taken into police custody, the police officers are still trying to look out for the motive behind the killing of Sudip.

Lately, there have been many such incidents where Indian journalists have been targeted and killed by unidentified killers. In September, another journo, Santanu Bhowmick was killed while covering a clash in Mandala, near Agartala.

Journalist Killed In India

There is a long list of the killing of journalists who have succumbed to such attacks. In June this year, a freelance journalist was allegedly set afire by UP cops in Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh. He wrote a Facebook post revealing the political nexus related to illegal mining in the state. He was set ablaze by goons in front of his house.

Another freelance journo was killed in the similar fashion by goons in Uttar Pradesh, was involved in a legal tussle with illegal mining mafia of the state. In July, a Delhi based journalist died in Meghnagar, Jhabua town after interviewing a girl who was found to be named in the notorious Vyapam scam.

Sanjay Pathak, a Hindi journalist was killed in August in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. He was reportedly beaten to death by someone with a heavy object. Another senior journalist was killed in Siwan district in Bihar by contract killers. He allegedly tried to report some wrongdoings of Siwan’s strongman Mohammad Sahabuddin.

Killing Of Gauri Lankesh

The most shocking killing among all the recent attacks was reported this September in India’s metropolitan city Bangalore. A senior editor of Lankesh Patrika, Gauri Lankesh, was shot at point blank outside her home by two unidentified assailants. She was said to be writing against Hindu right wing in her daily. After much clamor by many senior journalists, the case was handed over to SIT team.

In recent developments regarding the killing of Lankesh, SIT team has been able to find out that a country-made 7.65 mm pistol was used for the murder. They have also managed to figure out the appearance of the killers and have found other crucial leads regarding the logistics support provided to killers of Gauri Lankesh.

Above mentioned attacks are a proof that how journalists have become easy targets by killers for reasons related to their profession. With these killings, the killers have tried to silence the voices which want to freely express the wrongs of our society. Though such attacks and murders have been widely criticized, however, no concrete action has been taken by the government in the center to punish the perpetrators of these ghastly acts.

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