Jailbreaking And Using Snapchat, Huge Warning For iOS Device Users

Ronald Balondo
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If you’re fond of jailbreaking your iOS device and using Snapchat at the same time, think twice. A report from Reddit surfaced of recently stating that a Snapchat account got temporarily banned which is a huge warning if your planning to jailbreak your device.

The team behind the application explained that the reason why the account got temporarily banned is that they thought that their application was running through a third-party service. However, the case is that the user was just using a jailbroken iOS device. This is a common sight for people familiar with the process of jailbreaking and many around the community.

For those who are new to the process of jailbreaking, we suggest to study the risks involved and see if this will affect your phone’s daily usage. Many jailbreak enthusiasts are aware of the consequences of lifting their phones’ restriction and because of that, every expert in doing jailbreak would be saying that “do at your own risks.”

Snapchat Restrictions

Snapchat’s terms of service state that there are only a few selected third-party applications are allowed to work via Snap Kit. The third-party applications such as SoundHound, Pandora and Tinder are part of these lists. Any other application that is not considered authorized will be automatically treated as a malicious third-party app that can cause harm to the user’s device, account or data.

With the framework of Snapchat’s system in hand, bypassing the Snap Kit with the use of any outside applications, tweaks or even plugin that will run under the user’s information will be a ground for temporarily disabling the user’s account. This same goes for any alteration or any similar activity made to an original Snapchat application. The company even provided the following as an example of unauthorized tweaks and applications that can get your account in trouble.







History Between Jailbreak and Snapchat

The issue between jailbreak and Snapchat has been going on since the time that many users found a way to exploit phone’s limitation. According to CokePoke, a known figure in exploiting endless possibilities in modern applications and devices, that Snapchat collects information from any activities within their app. This alteration record would be stored in their system and can be used anytime against the user.

How To Make It Work

Due to the popularity of jailbreaking and the number of users that tried to exploit their devices, some application developers are now acknowledging the growing numbers of the jailbreak community. Other even provided some tips to make sure that their application will work smoothly. Same goes for the developers behind Snapchat. Although not directly, they acknowledge that some people were able to pull something off to make sure that their jailbroken device will work together with their application. These are the tips that they provided. However, there is no guarantee that all of this will work out so again, do these at your own risks:

-Disabling Cydia Substrate with the use of ‘NoSub’ tweak. Using this, it can alter the substrate and can also disable it completely. This will help control the effects of any other tweaks from reaching other applications in your device.

-Removing the ‘xCon’ tweak, which is said to prevent applications from detecting any jailbreak setup.

-Using an iOS cleaning app like the ‘iCleaner’ might also be helpful to remove any unwanted files left from your system after uninstalling a certain application from your device.

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