New Jailbreak Tweaks Up Last Week Include Avertas, IntelligentPass, SafariUnleashed Pro And A Lot More

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There have been a lot of happenings in the jailbreak community and the jailbreak enthusiasts might be delighted to know that last week new tweaks were made available. The said set of jailbreak tweaks includes Avertas, IntelligentPass, SafariUnleashed Pro, and many others.

Jailbreak Tweaks Released Last Week

Here are some of the jailbreak tweaks released last week:

Avertas (FREE)

Avertas is a newly released jailbreak tweak that docks Auxo’s well-known Hot Corners and Quick Switcher features to the liberated iOS 11 handsets. With the said features, users can rapidly go to the Lock Screen or Home Screen or access recently-used applications in just a touch. Lastly, this jailbreak tweak can also boost the user’s multitasking workflow.

IntelligentPass ($2)

Most of the iOS device users don’t want the trouble of entering their passcode or authenticating using Face ID/ or Touch ID when they don’t need to. This can be done through the use of a jailbreak tweak called IntelligentPass. This jailbreak tweak spontaneously deactivates the device’s passcode and Face ID or Touch ID in low-risk settings like the user’s home. It is also worth noting that the users can set up numerous parameters to identify these low-risk surroundings, as well as schedules, Wi-Fi connections and a lot more.

SafariUnleashed PRO ($1)

It is known that Safari comes with some of the internal settings that the Cupertino-based tech company disables out of the box. Nonetheless, a new jailbreak tweak that is called SafariUnleashed PRO makes these settings manageable by the end jailbroken device user.

Here are some of the things that SafariUnleashed PRO brings: iPad-style tab switching, full-screen web browsing, always-on Reader mode, and obliging sites not to track the users.

Mapsic ($0.99)

Mapsic can be really a useful jailbreak tweak depending on how much the user is navigating his or her handset. It is also worth mentioning that this tweak integrates music controls into Apple and Google Maps. This allows the users to command their playback devoid of having to switch among the applications or do other complex gestures while driving.


Other Jailbreak Tweaks Releases Last Week

Here are some of the other jailbreak tweaks that were made available last week:

  • 7-Eleven Fuel JK Bypass AU (FREE via Packix Repository)
  • BetterBadges (FREE via BigBoss Repository)
  • BetterSettings10 (FREE via Packix Repository)
  • BlockPowerDown (FREE via BigBoss Repository)
  • CCSpaceItems (FREE via BigBoss Repository)
  • ColorMyDock (FREE via BigBoss Repository)
  • Crayola (FREE via Packix Repository)
  • dragToDeleteMessages (FREE via CydiaGeek’s Beta Repository)
  • EinsteinVibes (FREE via Packix Repository)
  • huePhoneDialer (FREE via BigBoss Repository)
  • Ignify (FREE via BigBoss Repository)
  • iloveBrownies (FREE via CydiaGeek’s Beta Repository)
  • Instagram X (FREE via Packix Repository)
  • Jitter ($1.50 via Packix Repository)
  • Malipo Sounds Pack 6 (FREE via Packix Repository)
  • Navale (FREE via Packix Repository)
  • Nophami for WhatsApp (FREE via BigBoss Repository)
  • No Volume Slider (FREE via Packix Repository)
  • PasscodeText (FREE via BigBoss Repository)
  • Perseus (FREE via CydiaGeek’s Beta Repository)
  • TapTap for Netflix (FREE via BigBoss Repository)
  • UrbanNC (FREE via BigBoss Repository)
  • Vitrum (FREE via BigBoss Repository)

Have you already tried some of the aforementioned jailbreak tweaks?  How was the experience? Please share your thoughts with us  in the comment section!

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