Jailbreak Tweak 'ShortLook' By Electra Team Member Coming Today

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The jailbreak community has been receiving non-stop good news lately. First was the released of JailbreakStatus’ downgrade toolkit for iOS 11.3.1. Another was the official release of Electra’s latest jailbreak – the Electra1131.

Yesterday, one of the members of Electra, @nullpixel, has announced via Twitter the ShortLook tweak. So what is this new jailbreak tweak?

The New Tweak

According to @nullpixel’s Twitter post, the ShortLook is set to be released today – July 7, 2018. He also said that for a faster purchasing experience, you can sign up for a Dynasty Account at https://accounts.dynastic.co/.

The Features

According to its site, the ShortLook is dedicated to notifications where its users will experience a cool and easy way of receiving incoming notifications. It even says “Notifications at a glance” on its site.

One of its features that’s quite notable is that you can quickly view incoming notifications from a distance while your device’s display is turned off. Thanks to its full-screen design, it makes your notifications pop, and all of its animations are interruptible which makes the lock screen of your device immediately accessible the moment the device is raised or tapped.

Another useful feature of the tweak is that it groups and marks notifications from the same app with a badge indicator. And when a new notification comes from another app, it promptly switches to show the app’s logo.

Apparently, this tweak was designed to make to make it look amazing on the iPhone X. On the iPhone X, the tweak shows your notifications on a pure black background which greatly takes advantage of its OLED display.

The jailbreak tweak also shows contact photos on your lock screen when displaying notifications. It supports apps like Messages and Mail.

So what do you think of ShortLook? Are you looking forward to using it? We would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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