Jailbreak Might Be Easier Through iPhone Source Code Leak, Apple Claims Software Is Secured

Maricris Jose
3:49 PM

The iPhone source code has leaked into GitHub, thus a lot of jailbreak enthusiasts think that the release of jailbreak tools will be made easier. In contrary, Apple claimed that its software is secured.

Apple’s Stand About The iPhone Source Code Leak

Recently, a report surfaced stating that a there’s a major leak for iOS 9’s “iBoot.’ This was labeled as the “biggest leak in history” in terms of Apple’s software. But then, the Cupertino-based company unsurprisingly doesn’t see it that way. As a matter of fact, it was quick to post a takedown notice to GitHub, where the source code was initially posted. Nonetheless, it didn’t essentially confirm anything at that time.

Currently, Apple made a statement confirming the iOS 9 source code leak. But then, it claims that this isn’t a big deal because it’s three years old and the updated software is secure by design:

“Old source code from three years ago appears to have been leaked, but by design, the security of our products doesn’t depend on the secrecy of our source code. There are many layers of hardware and software protections built into our products, and we always encourage customers to update to the newest software releases to benefit from the latest protections,” Apple stated during the interview.

What is iBoot?

For some reference, iBoot is a second-stage bootloader that’s accountable for giving the iOS’ Recovery Mode to fix kit that gets screwed up. This runs on-screen using a physical USB or serial interface. It also verifies that a legit build of iOS exists and it starts up the software when the iThing is turned on or rebooted. Additionally, the bootloader is highly protected; in fact, it is stored in an encrypted form on handsets. Also, it’s the key to upholding the reliability of the operating system.

Unluckily, the iBoot can be abused to jailbreak iOS gadgets to install unofficial customizations and apps. Therefore, releasing the source code doesn’t put the iOS device users directly at risk. It just makes it easier for jailbreak enthusiasts to discover exploitable bugs, and influence them to takeover iBoot and jailbreak iThings.

Do you think it is still safe despite the iPhone Source Code leak? Please tell us your opinions in the comment section below.

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