iOS Jailbreak News: Electra 1.1.0 And Sileo Beta Preview Released

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The jailbreak community has something to be excited for. The team responsible for the extremely popular Electra jailbreak tool has released the Electra 1.1.0. It is an update to the jailbreak for devices running on iOS 11.0 to 11.4 beta 3 and it comes with support for a preview of the new Sileo package manager.

So What Are The New Features On Electra 1.1.0?

The Electra 1.1.0 version comes with an update APT and dpkg packages for Sileo and split Cydia into a base and GUI package so it may be installed alongside Sileo. Moreover, it also comes with improved reliability of vfs exploit, fix occasional data abort kernel panics, and fix occasional freezes that would result in a kernel panic from a watchdog timeout.

It can be downloaded from

What About The Sileo Package?

Reports dubbed Sileo as this “promising Cydia replacement”.

Around six months ago, the Electra jailbreak team said that they were working on a replacement for Cydia. They were referring to Sileo.

Earlier this month, Alessandro Chiarlitti (@aesign_), its designer, tweeted that Sileo is almost ready and that the developers just need to sort out a few things. Presumably, it will be the replacement for iOS 11 devices. And given that Apple has released the iOS 12 firmware for months now, it was also expected to work just fine there too.

Finally, the team behind Sileo released the first beta preview. It is available from the default Electra Repo. According to its official website, it is an efficient APT Package Manager designed for jailbroken devices running iOS 11.

You can head over to to learn more about it.

Also, reports have noted a few things regarding the beta preview:

  • Given that it’s a beta preview, some functionality is not finalized and bugs are to be expected.
  • For now, the preview only supports the latest version of Electra.
  • The source code will be published at a later date.

What are your thoughts about the Electra 1.1.0? How about Sileo? Tell us in the comment section below.

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