Is Microsoft’s Surface Phone (Andromeda) Coming Out This Spring?

Antonio Manaytay
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Microsoft’s much-anticipated flagship Surface Phone also known as Andromeda is rumored to release in this Spring. The software giant, however, does not confirm the rumored release date.

The foldable Andromeda, which name reminds the users of South Korean tech giant’s series Galaxy phones, will be running on Windows Core OS and will reportedly have the ARM as its chipset. Another version of the foldable handset powered by Windows Core OS with dual screen and several form factors will not be available until the second half of 2018.

Rumors claim that the release date is reportedly timed with Microsoft’s Build 2018 conference, which is possible. But Microsoft’s non-confirmation of the date makes everything uncertain.

Earlier leaked images of the foldable surface phone had revealed that it will feature its newly-approved patent named as Hinged Device to enable modularity. The hinge will connect two different screens that will allow 3-in-1 functionality: a phone, a tablet, and a laptop when in a tent mode.

Microsoft explained how the new product could be transformed easily into different form factors. The form factor is dependent on the device’s position and the angle between the two screens.

“This example can also include a determinative hinge assembly that rotatably secures the first an second portions around first and second hinge axes,” the software giant said, adding that the upcoming surface phone is “computing device that has hinged portions.”

“One example can include a first portion that includes a first display and a second portion that includes a second display,” it explained.

A prototype might be used by the company to present the new product to the developers during the Build 2018 conference. It is rumored that Redstone 5, another major Windows 10 release from Microsoft, will also be presented to the developers.

It should be noted that nothing is final as of writing this. Tell us your thoughts on the rumored release date of Microsoft’s Surface Phone aka Andromeda in the comment section below.

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