iPhones in 2019: What To Expect?

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The smartphone industry is pushing its limit as far as user-interface innovations and hardware are concerned. iPhones of 2019 and beyond sounds very promising with new design changes, screen, camera, security, battery and charging improvements to name a few.

Apple took the world by storm when it first launched iPhone on June 29, 2007. Multiple new hardware iterations with new iOS releases have been released ever since then. In September 2017, Apple announced iPhone X, which is considered the future of smartphones.

Possessing some mind-blowing features, iPhone X features a full-proof and secure way to unlock, authenticate and make payment using Face ID, made possible by the new TrueDepth camera. From touchless gesture controls to curved screens, there is a lot in coming for gadget and iPhone lovers. Listed below are five of the many interesting features that will be seen in future iPhones.

Future iPhones to Use Designs for Durability and Device Longevity:

Being highly expensive and delicate, damage caused by falling down or breaking is every consumer’s nightmare. However, the range and variety of durable materials that will be used in the years to come is likely to ensure that the future iPhones are tougher and durable.

Dropping of the notch, use of ceramic instead of a metal case, retractable screen, and curved screen that curve slightly at their edges (downward) are other features that are expected to be included in future iPhones. Reports suggest that Samsung is developing a foldable smartphone that is likely to use an OLED screen.

Touchless Gesture Control Technology in New iPhones:

Gesture control, without touching the screen is another interesting feature that consumers will get to see in future iPhones. By simply moving the finger near the screen without touching it will be enough to get tasks completed as the new technology will be built directly into the screen.

Samsung had previously provided a feature known as Air Gestures for its high-end models of phones. Air Gestures relied on motion sensors and allowed users to do important tasks such as browse the internet, take selfies and even take incoming calls. However, it was termed as unreliable and soon dismissed as a gimmick.

Face ID to be Used as an Authentication System:

Face ID authentication on iPhone X will use TrueDepth camera system (comprises of a dot projector, flood illuminator, and an infrared camera). This advanced depth-sensing technology is driven by A11 Bionic to properly map and recognize a face. The system can help unlock iPhone, enable Apple Pay, and give access to apps among many other new features.

Supercapacitor Batteries Extends Lifespan of iPhones to One Week:

Researchers at the University of Central Florida have made a small and tiny battery that will help charge the iPhone in seconds with the charges lasting for nearly a week. The system is based on supercapacitor technology and charges quickly with a longer lifespan of 30,000 charges.

Lithium-ion batteries which are presently used on phones underperform after 300 to 500 full charges.

Fingerprint and Biometric Data can be Captured to Keep Thieves Away:

Apple had applied for US patent 20160248769 in April 2016. This technology would capture biometric data, that includes fingerprints, photos, video footage, and audio from anyone who tries to rob the iPhone.

The biometric data is captured by the device due to one or more trigger conditions. While this system is commendable, it makes one wonder if hackers, law enforcement or advertisers use the technology against us and rob us of critical personal information. However, we can be reassured that this is where Apple’s strong security system comes to play.

One cannot be sure whether all or one or two few listed above will make its way to future. However, it is for sure that the iPhone industry is working hard to stand out in the eyes of the potential high-end iPhone buyers.

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