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Two weeks ago, we reported about Pangu jailbreak team successfully jailbreaking the iPhone XS running on iOS 12. This time around, Italian developer and renowned jailbreaker, known for his iOS 10-centric Yalu jailbreak tool, Luca Todesco, has confirmed via Twitter that he has successfully jailbroken his iPhone XS Max hardware running on iOS 12.

The Tweet

Last October 8, 2018, Todesco posted a Tweet regarding his success. In his tweet, he says that after successfully hacking the iPhone XS Max and got iOS 12 jailbreak tool, he has started using it as his daily driver. He then praises the said device as a “damn fine piece of hardware”.

So When Will It Be Released?

According to a report, whether Todesco will be releasing iOS 12 jailbreak tool, that’s entirely up for debate. However, the Italian developer does have some contribution in the jailbreak community as he was responsible for the Yalu and Yalu102 jailbreaks.

The Issues

Speaking about the iPhone XS Max being a “fine piece of hardware”, one Twitter user who goes by the name Ben Vinci asked Todesco if he has experienced any issues with his phone. Since its release, a number of iPhone XS and XS Max users have reported experiencing some issues like:

  • It won’t charge if plugged into a wall charger when in standby.
  • When trying to charge, the device’s screen will froze for several minutes and will have to be reset.
  • LTE connectivity and signal problems.

Todesco replied that his device just works fine. He didn’t experience any charging and connectivity issues so far.

Regarding the charging and reception issues that users have reported, an article says that Apple will be releasing a fix in the next few weeks. As for the time being, owners will just have to figure out a way to charge their iPhone XS and XS Max.

Do you think Todesco will be releasing this iOS 12 jailbreak tool? Tell us in the comment section below.

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