iPhone X vs. Pixel 2: Which Smartphone Sports A Groundbreaking Camera?

Maricris Jose
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One lens versus two, Apple’s flagship will battle out against Google’s premium handset. The time has come to see how iPhone X, which sports a dual-lens setup fights against the Pixel 2’s single lens camera.

Portrait Mode

The Cupertino-based tech giant popularized the portrait mode with the iPhone 7 Plus. The smartphone uses its two lenses to make a depth map to isolate the subject, then blurs out the background using the software. Utilizing machine learning, the Google Pixel 2 can achieve the same effect with just one lens.

When it comes to selfies, both iPhone X and Pixel 2 can produce the portrait mode effect. Nevertheless, the iPhone does a better job of execution fine detail like hair, although its pictures don’t appear as precise as ones taken with the rear camera.

Apart from that, the iPhone X also comes sporting a variety of lighting options which is currently in beta. This feature can add diverse effects to photos taken in portrait mode.

Zoom and Flash

The second lens of iPhone X offers 2x optical zoom, while the Pixel depends on digital zoom alone. At concentrated magnification, there’s no big difference between optical 2x and digital 2x zoom, but the devil’s in the fine points. On the Pixel 2, images are softer and appear smudgy when one is looking at 100 percent magnification.

As for the flash, iPhone X seems to do a better job than Pixel 2. The subjects appear more worn out with harsh lighting when compared with the subtle effect from the iPhone’s True Tone Flash. The flagship phone from Apple supports slow sync flash so the subject and the background are more steadily well-lit.

Video Quality

The iPhone X’s immense asset is the constancy between photo and video quality. When a user shoots a video in daylight, the footage will appear clean and pleasing to watch. Meanwhile, the Pixel 2 is rougher as it blows out highlight detail that would usually be concentrated well in still photos.

When the selfie camera is used to take videos, the iPhone X favors the subject. This basically means that the exposure is good for faces, but as a result, the background can be blown out. On the other hand, the Pixel 2 video image appears to have more vibrant range but makes subjects look less dynamic.

Both iPhone X and Pixel 2 can record at 240fps for slow-motion video, but only the Apple’s pride can record this frame rate at full HD resolution. The Pixel 2 maxes out at 720p and the video seems a bit softer generally. It can also look a bit more washed out or overexposed when equated with the iPhone.

Video Stabilization

The biggest search engine company utilizes “fused stabilization” on the Pixel 2. That fancy term is a way of saying it uses a mixture of optical (OIS) and electronic (EIS) stabilization, plus post-processing, to keep the photo smooth.

Despite that, the Pixel sometimes shows the “Jell-O” effect. There are times that the shots look a little shaky around the edges of the frame. Most particularly, when the user pan or shift the scene rapidly.

On the other hand, Apple’s system depends on OIS in both lenses. The footage seems a little bumpy if the user is walking or doing a tracking shot. With that, it is nice to have the option of OIS when utilizing the 2x lens for shooting video.

Low-light Photos and Video

Both of the iPhone X and Pixel 2 did a really good job for cameras with small sensors. Nonetheless, Pixel2 has the advantage when it comes to detail.

Low-light video is where the two phones demonstrate noteworthy differences. The iPhone’s video image appears cleaner than the Pixel 2 as it has better overall exposure. Highlights can nosh-up on the Pixel 2 and the shot looks blaring.

Which do you think sports a better camera between iPhone X and Pixel 2? Please share your views in our comment section below.

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