iPhone X Plus: Apple Planning Fourth Model Called iPhone XS Max?

Yves Amodia
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As the release of the iPhone X Plus nears, what we currently know about the set of the three new Apple smartphone models are all largely speculation. But if reports are to be believed, there is a possibility that the company has another surprise in store for us and it may be called iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max release after iPhone X Plus

For a time, it looked like Apple will be dropping the “Plus” branding on a few of its iPhones, according to Forbes. Instead of the name iPhone X Plus, the 6.5-inch model that will be released will be called iPhone XS Max. This report is said to be based on credible information from inside the company’s marketing structure.

There are also a few whispers that the XS Max will represent a different device. There is a possibility that this fourth device will launch along with the iPhone SE2 0r iPhone 9. This will certainly be surprising but will surely be welcomed by consumers.

iPhone 9, iPhone XS pre-sale in Romanian seller

in a surprise move, the Romanian e-retailer Quickmobile has already put up the iPhone 9 and the iPhone XS for sale, according to The Sun. Since Apple has not officially announced its upcoming phones, the listing could be a mistake that was posted at the wrong time.

The X Plus will be one of the three 2018 iPhone models that will be unveiled on Wednesday, September 12. The Apple Watch Series 4, iPad Pro 2018 and a whole lot of other Apple devices will also be announced in the big event.

Do you think the rumors of an iPhone XS Max will come true? Will this surprise overshadow the announcement and eventual release of the iPhone X Plus? Tell us about your theories and thoughts in the comments section underneath this article.

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