Apple Will Ditch Notch For Future iPhones, Reddit User Reveals

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The Apple fans are expecting that a new iPhone will be arriving this year. Be it an iPhone X Plus or iPhone X2 or iPhone 11 or iPhone SE2 or iPhone 9, the company’s patrons are eagerly waiting for the announcement. However, this Reddit user seems to be more advanced since he predicted that soon the Cupertino-based tech company will be ditching the notch on its iPhones.

According to BGR, the notch functions for one major purpose and that is it houses all of the front-facing features of an iPhone. That includes the camera(s), the sensors, and the speakers. Apple’s notch also houses the TrueDepth snapper that makes sure that facial recognition possible. The Face ID uses 3D depth detecting and has no competitor in the Android system.

Nevertheless, in the near future, that will unavoidably change, as Apple advances technology that will let it hide all those front-facing sensors into the iPhone’s display. In the subsequent years, however, we will possibly see new display distinctions that will let the Cupertino-based tech giant eliminate the notch totally.

As a matter of fact, a Reddit user iamvinoth already imagine the evolution of the notch. The timeline which was offered is the only thing that’s not so exciting about the copy. But then, no one can say for sure what the iPhones will have to offer its avid patrons five years from now.

As of this moment, the only thing that’s known is that all 2018 iPhones will feature a notch this year. Sadly, for the notch-haters, it’s improbable to see the notch shrink when compared to the original iPhone X. Though it will look smaller on the upcoming iPhone X Plus and on the LCD iPhone X that Apple has prearranged for this year.

What can you say about the concept by ianvinoth? Do you think it’s likely to happen? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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