iPhone X Plus, iPhone 9, iPhone X2 Could Be Much Slower Than Upcoming Android Phones

Yves Amodia
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Whether the name of the next Apple smartphones will be iPhone X Plus, iPhone X2 or iPhone 9, it cannot be denied that a lot of people are looking forward to the device. However, a recent development shows there may be a stumbling block in the way of Apple that could affect how the next iPhone will turn out.

Slower iPhone X Plus or iPhone X2?

Qualcomm chip business head Cristiano Amon has confirmed that it will not be supplying the 4G modem chips for the iPhone 9 or iPhone X2, according to CNet. He said this in an earnings call with analysts. Referring to a competitor, it looks like Apple will be getting the chips from Intel instead, widely considered as Qualcomm’s biggest competition.

Because Qualcomm is considered the leader in chip production, experts expect that the iPhone X Plus or iPhone X2 will be much slower than the next Android devices from different manufacturers. This will have a negative effect on the data downloading speeds of the next iPhone devices.

Internet testing and analysis company Ookla has found out that Androids running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor is 60 percent faster than iPhones that are powered by the Intel XMM 7480 and 7360 chips, according to Mercury News. Upload speed is also faster by at least 20 percent.

It can be remembered that Apple and Qualcomm have been locked in an intense patent battle since last year. Because of this, Qualcomm’s influence on Apple has drastically reduced.

Amon, however, has not lost hope that their company will be able to regain Apple’s business. It describes the tech industry as being “dynamic” and an opportunity to work with Apple will present itself soon.

How do you think will this issue affect the sales of the iPhone X2, iPhone X Plus and iPhone 9? Will this negatively impact the sales of the next devices? Let us know in the comments section below.

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