iPhone X Running On iOS 12 Beta 1 Jailbreak Teased By KeenLab

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The iOS 12 is expected to be released to the masses this fall. This, however, didn’t stop one of the well-known figures in the jailbreak community, Liang Chen of KeenLab, from posting a demo video featuring an iPhone X running on iOS 12 Beta 1 jailbreak.

The Demo

Chen has posted a one minute and forty-three seconds YouTube video on his Twitter account featuring an iPhone X running iOS 12 Beta 1. The video features the typical proof-of-concept steps to prove that it’s running on the said OS by going into [Settings] >> [General] >> [Software Update] >> [About].

Next, the video then shows Chen launching a proprietary KeenLab jailbreak app and taps on the “Jailbreak” button which then lets the app exploit the device and install Cydia. After that, Chen launched Cydia and demonstrated its working condition.

iOS 12 Jailbreak Public Release?

According to iDownload Blog, people shouldn’t be expecting for this iOS 12 jailbreak public release. The article explains that KeenLab usually keeps their jailbreaks to themselves for internal testing purposes only.

In fact, on Chen’s Twitter post of the demo video, it had a few people tweeting that KeenLab won’t release it. Just to list a few:

  • “Lol always claim but no releases any jailbreak f*ckers”
  • “Ur team never release for the public as far as I know …”
  • “But he won’t Release”

There were also some who claimed that the demo is fake. Whether those people were just being internet trolls or not, it’s anybody’s guess.

But regardless of whether there will be a release or not, this demo (assuming that it’s real) nevertheless serves as proof that Apple’s newest firmware can still be jailbroken despite the efforts made by the company to thwart the jailbreak community.

So what do you guys think about KeenLab’s iOS 12 Beta 1 Jailbreak video? Is it fake? Will there be a public release? Do share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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