iPhone SE2: Will Apple Cancel The Long-Awaited Budget Phone?

Yves Amodia
5:26 PM

Apple has only released a budget iPhone once. It became a resounding success that it was almost a given that the company would release an iPhone SE2. However, the long wait for the budget smartphone seems to indicate that Apple has abandoned plans for it.

iPhone SE 2 no more?

Smartphone case maker Olixar has revealed that there is a possibility that there will be no iPhone SE2, according to Inverse. It is said that the manufacturer has already started making the accessories that will be delivered for Apple in the coming year. The accessories manufacturer has said that none of the orders indicate anything close to the much-awaited SE 2 phone.

Instead, Apple will be focusing on the release of three brand new phones. None of these phones will serve as an update to the iPhone SE. The first one is an upgraded version of the iPhone X. The second one, on the other hand, is a cheaper iPhone X while the third is a larger, premium version of the iPhone X.

There is a big chance that what Olixar has learned about the SE 2 is true. It has been the source of credible iPhone and Samsung news before, after all.

While the iPhone SE2 was never a sure thing, consumers still expect that Apple will release one. Considering the success of its predecessor, there is a big chance that the company will get around to working on it. That said, its release may not happen until 2019.

Cheaper iPhone

What leaks and reports seem to indicate is that Apple is instead releasing a cheaper version of the iPhone X. It may be a 6.1-inch model that possesses an LCD screen.

When do you think will Apple release the iPhone SE2? Comment below so we can discuss the long-awaited smartphone.

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