Why This Is Right Time For Apple To Unveil iPhone SE 2?

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Just like every year, tech enthusiasts look forward to the devices that are going to be released. For this year, we have Apple’s 2019 iPhones.

Speaking of the 2019 iPhones, there is one iPhone model that a number of tech enthusiasts wish Apple would release. That is, of course, the iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone SE2).

The Cost Of Smartphones These Days

Too many, paying $1,000 for a smartphone is preposterous. The fact that tech companies release new smartphones annually, it seems like a waste of money when there are other options available which are even cheaper and better.

Although Apple offers the iPhone XR as its “budget model” for the 2018 iPhone lineup with all its amazing features, it’s still expensive. The iPhone XR launched with a starting price of $749 for its 64GB model, while the original iPhone SE started at $399 for its 16GB model.

Is There A Market For The iPhone SE 2?

According to the CNET report, the answer is yes. They even listed a few reasons as to why and the things that Apple should add on the iPhone SE 2.

For the reasons why Apple needs the iPhone SE 2:

Firstly, the headphone jack still matters.  Although tech companies are trying to introduce wireless earphones now, there are still quite a number of people using traditional headphones.

Secondly, fingerprint sensors matter. Putting aside the issues, Apple’s Face ID is a bold and amazing feature. However, there are still people who prefer to use fingerprint sensors.

As for the things that Apple needs to add for the upcoming iPhone SE (if it ever comes), we have:

First, keep the price low. The iPhone SE phone is known as Apple’s affordable iPhone so it should continue the legacy.

Second, increase the size a little bit. In today’s standards, the iPhone SE’s size is too small. To keep it with the trend, increasing it just a little bit would be nice because some people just miss those old days where one can easily slip their phone in their pockets.

Third, give it wireless charging. The fact that there are now Qi chargers that can be bought for $5, giving the iPhone SE 2 a wireless charging feature would be nice.

Fourth, add water resistance. This should be a standard.

Lastly, upgrading the processor and camera would be enough. The iPhone SE2 doesn’t need to have the latest processor and the best camera specs that could rival high-end devices. Just making it more powerful than its predecessor or just up to standards of present mid-range phones is more than enough.

Do you think Apple needs the iPhone SE 2 on its 2019 iPhone lineup? Tell us in the comment section below.

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