iPhone SE2: What We Know About Apple's Budget-Friendly Smartphone

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It has been two years since Apple introduced the predecessor to the iPhone SE 2. As it was then the first time that the company offered a budget-friendly option for their famed smartphone line, a lot of people expected that it will be the start of a new series. However, the fact that the company skipped a release last year discouraged many.

Rumored features and specs of the iPhone SE 2

As a more affordable smartphone option, the buying public is eagerly waiting for the release of the SE 2. These are among the things about the iPhone SE 2 that have been leaked and reported over the past two years:

Possible $450 pricing

One of the biggest concerns of people with the upcoming iPhone SE is the price. There are credible reports that it will have an introductory price of $450. This amount is a bit higher than the original price of the first iPhone SE. This could be because of the more advanced features of the screen and the rumored dual cameras.

Dual camera

Just like previous iPhones in the past year, it is looking like the second iPhone SE will also have dual cameras, according to Tech Radar. This was after a leaked video of the upcoming smartphone showed pretty much the same dual cameras seen on the rear side of the iPhone X.

Upgraded processing specs

iPhone SE2 will have upgraded processing specs when compared to the first edition. Reports say that it will have 2GB of RAM and quad-core A10 processing chips. This is much better than the dual-core A9 processor and 2GB RAM power of the first SE.

No headphone port, no home button

There are rumors that Apple would like to retain its headphone-less design in the past few releases. This is to boost their wireless audio features. Plus, there may also be no home button for the phone.

Enhanced battery capacity

It looks like the strongest feature of the next iPhone SE will be its power efficiency. In fact, it could have better battery capacity than popular models like the iPhone 6 and 7.

Changed design

While the first SE evoked the classic design of the iPhone 5, it is looking like the iPhone SE 2 will be more like a smaller version of the iPhone X. It may have a smaller notch on the top with a larger screen.

New name for the second iPhone SE

There is also a possibility that the new SE will have a new name instead, according to Forbes. As Apple seemingly confirmed that it will be releasing three new iPhones in September, the cheapest release may serve as the first in a replacement series for the SE. Rumors say that the new series may be called iPhone X Mini or iPhone X SE. Until Apple confirms these rumors, they will remain speculations until the release date.

Do you think that Apple will release the iPhone SE2 anytime soon? What improvements will the company put into this budget-friendly smartphone? Let us know through the comments section below.

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