iPhone SE2: What We Currently Know About Apple's Next Budget Smartphone Update

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A lot of Apple fans have lost hope that the iPhone SE2 will ever make it to retail. It has been two years since the first budget iPhone edition became available and it looked as if Apple no longer has plans to update it. However, we have reliable reports that a new budget version of the iPhone will be in stores soon.

iPhone SE 2 rumors

As Apple has not officially commented on the development of the SE 2, not much is known about the upcoming budget-friendly smartphone. These are among the rumors that may come true when the iPhone SE2 gets released.

Wireless charging

There are credible reports that the next-generation iPhone SE will have a glass back. This will enable the phone to support wireless charging. While the phone is marketed mainly to budget users, it seems Apple wants to make the feature available for all its devices. If the company indeed implements the wireless charging feature for the SE, it is likely that we will see a slight rise in the price.

Lack of headphone jack

Those who are hoping to see the headphone jack return to Apple’s smartphones will be disappointed. Several case makers have already confirmed that there will be no headphone jack. This is to accommodate the wireless accessories of the company like the AirPods.

The similarity to the iPhone 7

There is a possibility that the iPhone SE2 will be using the A10 processor. This will be a big downgrade from the processing chips of the current iPhone model. The last time an iPhone used that particular chipset was when the iPhone 7 was released. This means that the performance of the phone will be comparable to this model.

Smaller handset, bigger screen

If reports are to be believed, the new iPhone SE will sport a smaller body but with a bigger screen. This is the result of the reduction of the phone’s bezels, according to Mac World.

June or July release

The SE 2’s release is one of the most confusing puzzles to ever face Apple fans. With Apple set to unveil three 2018 iPhones on Wednesday, September 12, a lot hoped that it may be time for its announcement. That, however, will not happen. It is more realistic for the company to release it by June or July next year.

No notch

The iPhone X made such a splash last year when it came with a notch. However, the lower price range of the iPhone SE2 will result in not having the revolutionary feature. Another report also theorizes that the phone may have a notch cutout but without the functionality.

No truth to rumors of discontinuation

It was previously reported that the SE 2 will be the last entry in the affordable smartphone line. Nothing could be further than the truth. In fact, Apple may be releasing more devices from the line as it aims to diversify the market and demographics that it tries to appeal to.

What do you think are the changes in store for Apple fans upon the budget smartphone’s release? Will the iPhone SE2 be a big success for the manufacturer? Post your theories and opinions about the matter in the comments section below.

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