iPhone SE2 or iPhone 9: Which Will Be The Budget iPhone For 2018?

Yves Amodia
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A lot of budget tech lovers have been waiting a long time for the iPhone SE2. The follow-up to the cheaper iPhone SE has been on the minds of tech users ever since its predecessor was released in March 2016. Whether it is named SE 2 or iPhone 9, however, is still up in the air.

Downgraded iPhone SE 2 features

Case maker Ghostek, known for delivering trusted leaks on designs of the top smartphone models in recent memory, confirmed that the iPhone SE2 will only be getting a single rear camera. This is a downgrade from the dual camera feature of the iPhone X, according to Forbes. While this may dampen consumer enthusiasm, just the fact that users can purchase an iPhone for a lesser price should still excite avid tech lovers.

Reports also say that the iPhone 9 project will not be getting an OLED screen. Instead, it will only have an LCD screen that does not have 3D touch functionality. To compensate for this major downgrade, wired charging will be included in the smartphone for free.

It is also likely that the new budget iPhone will be retaining the “traditional” iPhone design as opposed to the bezel-less structure of the iPhone X, according to Express. Integration of the Face ID feature is also still not an assurance.

Uncertain iPhone SE 2 release

One of the drawbacks to the SE 2 is the fact that there is no certainty as to when it will be unveiled officially. Earlier this year, it was expected that Apple will announce it in the WWDC 2018. Multiple sources say differing opinions on the release date.

Will you still be purchasing the iPhone SE2 even with the downgraded features and specs? Do you think the price will still be worth it? Will it be named iPhone 9? Let us know by putting entries in the comments section below.

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