iPhone SE 2, iPhone X Plus, iPad Pro 2018 And Other Devices Apple Will Announce In Sept. 12

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Apple has finally sent out the official invites to its hardware event on Wednesday, September 12. The said event, which will be attended by many tech journalists, bloggers, and stakeholders, will be where the company is expected to announce the 2018 iPhones, including the iPhone X Plus and iPhone SE 2, the iPad Pro 2018 and other products.

2018 Apple devices we may see on September 12

While the spotlight will be mainly on the iPhone X Plus, iPad Pro 2018 and the Mac Mini 2018, we are actually going to see a lot more in the September 12 event in Cupertino’s Steve Jobs Theater. Below we give a rundown of the hardware releases and announcements that we could witness:

iPhone X Plus

One of the brightest spotlights of the Apple hardware event will surely be trained on the iPhone X Plus. Expected to be the largest of the three 2018 iPhones, it will sport a 6.5-inch screen, according to CNet. It could also have three rear cameras and possibly, Apple Pencil support.

MacBook Air 2018

It is high time for us to see the MacBook Air 2018. It is said that the MacBook Air 2018 will get a Retina Display. The announcement of the MacBook Air 2018 will result in a stronger laptop portfolio for Apple.

iPhone XS

The iPhone XS is rumored to be the direct follow-up of last year’s iPhone X. It will have a 5.8-inch OLED screen, improved battery life and performance enhancements.

Mac Mini 2018

A week ago, rumors that the Mac Mini 2018 will be targeted mainly for pro users spread. If that is true, the Mac Mini 2018 will most certainly drop in the press event.

iPhone 9

With the iPhone 9, Apple will be returning to its initial numeral naming format. It is said that the iPhone 9 will be the cheapest of the three 2018 iPhones that will go live for pre-order during the Apple event.


In 2017, Apple confirmed that it is working on a wireless charging pad called AirPower. There is a good chance that the AirPower will finally arrive this year especially as other manufacturers are working hard to integrate wireless charging in their devices.

iMac 2018

To improve the performance of the iMac 2018, Apple will surely work on using the eight-generation processors from Intel. This will make the iMac 2018 a must-have for graphic designers and developers.

iPhone SE 2

It seems that Apple will try to appeal to a wider audience again. While it will not be released next month yet, the budget-friendly iPhone SE 2 is said to be announced in the event.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 is the company’s chance to show Samsung and Google that it is still king in the smartwatch race. The Apple Watch Series 4 is said to have a wider display and click-free buttons.

iPad Pro 2018

If speculations are to be believed, the iPad Pro 2018 will have a major redesign. This could include narrower bezels and the addition of the Face ID.

Do you think Apple will have more surprises in store on its big hardware event on September 12? Are you excited to hear about the improvements that are in store for the iPad Pro 2018, iPhone X Plus, iPhone SE 2 and a whole lot of other devices? Let us know what you feel about the coming Apple devices in the comments section underneath this article.

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