iPhone SE2: Likely Fake Report On New Apple Smartphone Claims August 30 Release Date

Yves Amodia
5:03 PM

As the successor to Apple’s first budget smartphone, the public has long waited for the iPhone SE2. However, rumors seem to indicate that the release of this cheaper version of the iPhone will be closer than we previously thought.

iPhone SE 2 launch in August?

Reports say that an August 30 release for the iPhone SE2 will happen, according to My Smart Price. While not much is known beyond that, it is said that this particular iPhone variant will come with multiple colors. The most likely colors that will be released for this variant are Pink, Gold, and Black.

If the rumor about the SE 2’s release date comes true, it will be a major deviation from the usual release schedule of the company’s smartphones. All iPhones except two have been unveiled in a major tech event since 2012. Frankly, it is much more likely that Apple will release its next batch of phones in September.

There is also a likelihood that Apple will abandon the release of an iPhone SE 2. The Cupertin0-based tech giant may instead focus on the release of three iPhone X variants. One of these models is said to be a cheap iPhone X model. This budget model is said to sport a 6.1-inch screen and a more affordable LCD panel when released.

The other two new iPhone X variants will also receive price cuts, according to Forbes. Each will have price reductions from the current $999 of the iPhone X. While there may be compromises to reach the price point, these new phones are still expected to wow when they reach stores all over the world.

Do you think there is any truth to the rumors about the iPhone SE2? Let us know your thoughts about the many rumors that have been outlined here in the article.

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