Apple To Get LCDs From Japan Display For The Upcoming iPhone SE 2

Purnima Gupta
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In a major upfront rumor, industry sources have revealed that Apple iPhone SE 2 is “much likely” to continue with the LCD screen. Apple iPhone range is a cult classic and its flagship models create hysteria among people. This is no secret that owing to an envious fan following, every flagship from Apple is an instant hit among masses across the world.

Latest rumors about the iPhone SE 2 have a Japanese connection. According to Nikkei, Japan Display, a smartphone display manufacturer, is looking forward to making $517 million through third-party share allocation and asset sale in order to supply LCD screens for upcoming low-cost iPhone. This news has raised brows about Apple shifting its outlook on the display of its flagships. Certainly, this would be a welcome change for many Apple fans out there.

Japan Display is an old ally of Apple Due to the introduction of OLED screen for iPhone X’s release, followed by its not-so-successful run in the market, Apple seems to be taking an about turn. The said display manufacturer has suffered a major jolt when Apple decided to launch its popular Apple iPhone X with OLED screens. However, the screen supplying firm has worked on the advanced range of LCD screen technology that we might see in the upcoming iPhone SE2MacRumors suggests that the firm’s business perspective, raising of funds might prove futile if Apple decides to switch back to OLED display for its smartphones.

However, many previous rumors did also indicate Apple’s keen interest in the procurement of Full Active LCDs of Japan Display. According to screen related tech experts, these Full Active LCDs are more suitable for bezel-less display technology, which shows the current mood of Apple.

For now, we just hope that the deal between Apple and Japan Displays plays in the interest of the users and we will soon see the release of iPhone SE 2. Share your wishlist for iPhone SE 2 in the comment section below!

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