iPhone SE 2 and Samsung Galaxy S10: A Round-up Of The Latest Updates and Rumors

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Looking back into the past weeks, it’s certainly obvious that we’ve learned so much about Samsung’s rumored foldable phone, the Galaxy X, and Apple’s next-generation iPhone SE2 device. But despite the vast number of information currently available, Apple and Samsung have yet to confirm any of the leaked details. This time around, it seems like the list is only going to get bigger as new rumors regarding both devices are again sweeping the interwebs -inciting talks every corner.

In line with this, we took it upon ourselves to let you know about the latest rumors and speculations -served on a silver platter just like you want. So, what are you waiting for? Read below to find out!

Galaxy S10 | Galaxy X

As we all know, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 didn’t bring much to the table when it arrived, especially in the aspect of innovations. That’s why many are now turning their attention towards the Galaxy S10, which is Samsung’s next flagship device.

First on the list of things you need to know about the S10 is that Samsung is considering a name change for the device, veering away from the traditional ‘Galaxy S’ tag, which we’ve become familiar with. According to reports, the Korean based equipment provider will be following in the footsteps of its top competitor Apple by adopting a similar numeral naming scheme, which will see the device as Galaxy X instead of Galaxy S10. Wccftech believes that Samsung must come out with a decision quickly to minimize confusion as another one of their product is slated to drop bearing the same Galaxy X moniker, which is their concept foldable smartphone.

Galaxy S10

TechTalkTV/ Youtube Screenshot

This particular endeavor was first hinted at MWC 2018 trade show, wherein Samsung Mobile Division head DJ Koh said that they are still contemplating whether to keep the old naming scheme of the Galaxy S series or to push forth with something entirely different as we mentioned above.

In terms of display, the Galaxy S10 is rumored to be getting Samsung’s trademark Super AMOLED screen. However, this new iteration will boast an improved version of the screen technology partnered with much narrower bezels and a whopping screen-to-body ratio of 93 percent.

Chip-wise, there’s no doubt that Samsung will be going big with this one. Speculations suggest that the S10 will make use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855, which is said to be the first processor based on the new 7nm process. In addition to this, a variant of the S10 will also be integrated with Samsung’s very own chip, which, according to hearsays, will be tagged as the Exynos 9820 and will come with an in-house GPU solution to accompany the CPU.

When it comes to the connectivity, it’s safe to assume that we’ll be getting a surprise from Samsung. In recent years, the company has been continuously teasing 5G connectivity, which they say will enable users to execute overseas video calls, calls, and etc. without experiencing signal difficulties.In addition to this, Samsung has also previously stated that they will be coming out with a device carrying the technology, which coincides with the S10’s estimated release.  With this in mind, it’s plausible that the S10 might be the first-ever device to drop with 5G in tow.

iPhone SE 2

Since the start of the year, we’ve been getting a lot of updates, leaks, and reveals about Apple’s rumored iPhone SE 2, which pretty much confirms the existence of the device. However, this time around, speculations point that there might be a possibility that the handset is an elaborate hoax and that the Cupertino-based tech innovator isn’t coming out with another SE product.




According to Technobezz, current rumors are the opposite of what their sources hint at, which says a lot about the current iPhone SE2 leaks sweeping the internet. Sources say that the iPhone SE2 will be retaining features that the iPhone 5s had. This claim goes against the latest video leak featuring the much-speculated device where it obviously sports a design aesthetic similar to that of the iPhone X including the notch and the absence of a home button.

iPhone SE 2 FAKE

Mac Otakara/ Youtube Screenshot

While Technobezz didn’t go into detail about other aspects of the device (Internals, hardware, etc.), it’s still important to note that it might prove to be true that what we’ve been seeing up to this point is not anywhere near what Apple has in mind with the iPhone SE 2. Taking this into account, we advise our readers to withhold belief until rumors are proven to be true. It’s also necessary to take these updates with a grain of salt as they don’t really offer that much credibility either.

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