iPhone 9 News: Here’s What Apple Fans Could Expect With The iPhone 8 Successor

Maricris Jose
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Even though the iPhone 9 release is still months away, rumors about the handset are surfacing online. As a matter of fact, there are a number of features that the Apple fans can expect with the iPhone 8’s successor and here are some of them:

Home Button For The Last Time

In case you already bought an iPhone X, you’ll have a taste of Apple’s home button-less future. After some amendment time, most of the Apple Fans might forget about the trusty button’s nonappearance in the iPhone X, but it’d be a nice send-off if the Cupertino-tech giant kept the home button for the last time in the iPhone 9.

Touch ID

With the absence of the home button, the iPhone X also lost the Touch ID, which is some of the company’s fans isn’t happy about.  Even though the Face ID works well, there are still instances wherein a fingerprint scanner would be more beneficial. Many are hoping that it will be present with the upcoming iPhone.

AirPods Included

Apple is considered to be ahead of most smartphone makers. But the moment the headphone jack vanished in the iPhone 7, you could either charge the phone or listen to your favorite music with the Lightning-connected EarPods, but not both at the same time.

Though it seems impossible many are hoping for the AirPods to be included in the iPhone 9 box. Apple’s easy-to-lose but adored wireless headphones would be a huge selling point for the upcoming iPhone. This way, the users can enjoy some tunes wirelessly while their smartphone is charging.

Wireless charging

Apple’s venture in wireless charging is new, but the company’s fans would want to see this feature in the iPhone 9. It can be recalled that enabling the wire-free charging feature obliged Apple to make the device’s back all-glass. This is to let the charging signal pass through the handset. Keeping this feature only hints that the iPhone 8 successor might not appear that different from what’s existing today, and will possibly be just as easy to cease.

AMOLED Display

Apple is reportedly short of the resources to incorporate AMOLED displays in any phone excluding its new iPhone X. Give the manufacturer about six to eight months to standardize and Apple must be about utilizing this impressive display technology in the iPhone 9.

Dual Rear-Facing Cameras

The iPhone 9 is anticipated to feature a set of dual rear-facing cameras and that’s almost certain. Nevertheless, similar to what Apple has done in the past, it will only be present in the plus-sized model, which is the iPhone 9 Plus.

It will be really an awesome move for Apple to incorporate this technology into the iPhone 9. Additionally, modifying portrait lighting and shooting photos with depth is also an amazing thing to have on a smartphone as a DSLR replacement. As Apple carries on pouring its efforts into these competitive features, it will be clever to standardize the results from its comprehensive range of handsets moving forward.

These are the known features that Apple fans anticipate to the upcoming iPhone 9. Do you think we forgot to mention your desired feature? In case yes, don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comment section below.

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