iPhone Update 2018: iPhone X Plus Will be Apple’s first Phablet Phone, iPhone 8 Up For Design Refresh

Jasper Valdez
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While all the rave is currently on Apple’s rumored curved iPhone 11, new details have come up on its other product lines. First on the list is the successor to the iPhone X, the iPhone X Plus’ bigger OLED display and following after it is the iPhone 8’s new reinvigorated form.

According to the latest reports, though Apple’s plans of a curved iPhone 11 have been outed, it appears that it’s not letting it get in the way of the iPhone X Plus release. At the end of Bloomberg’s expose, they mentioned that Apple is expanding its OLED screen sourcing from Samsung to LG Display. As we all know now, Apple intends to release a bigger version of the iPhone X, which will sport a 6.5-inch OLED screen.

Besides this, insiders also indicated that there would be additional updates coming to the 5.8 inch iPhone X model, albeit still unknown at the moment. In addition, a lower cost version is also in the works, which will be integrated with an LCD screen.

Forbes argues that the iPhone X Plus might be Apple’s biggest venture yet seeing as the Cupertino-based tech giant has opted to release smaller-sized devices than one of this caliber. With this, they say, Apple will be able to penetrate the growing niche of big-screened handsets (Phablets) currently run by Samsung and thereby inaugurating the iPhone X Plus as Apple’s first-ever phablet device.

Taking this into account, it’s safe to assume that Apple will likely be coming out with bigger phones in the future

Another handset which is up for a revamp is the iPhone 8. According to the leaked Virgin Mobile memo obtained by MacRumors, Apple intends to breathe new life on the handset, releasing a redesigned version of the standard and plus model, which is allegedly coming out as early as tomorrow.

The memo states that the new versions will come in a red color variant that is similar to what Apple did with the iPhone 7. Besides this, the refreshed smartphones will be coming in limited stocks.

The new devices are set to appear for pre-orders on Virgin Mobile’s inventory tomorrow. Apple is also said to be gearing up for the variant’s release by way of a press release to be dropped alongside the version’s appearance inside the telco giant’s inventory. Though pretty much confirmed, other details about the iPhone X Plus have been kept under wraps, particularly on the aspect of pricing.

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