It hasn’t been long since Apple launched this year’s iPhone lineup but there’s already a new rumor regarding next year’s iPhone lineup (iPhone 12) or future iPhones in general. The new rumor comes from a patent which suggests that the Apple logo on the rear design will light up when there’s an unread notification.

The Patent

According to T3, the patent published by the US Patent and Trademark Office was first spotted by AppleInsider. The patent application titled “Electronic Devices with Adjustable Decoration” outlines a decorative element that can be added to a casing which could take the form of a company logo or another piece of trim along the edge.

The adjustable decoration featured on the back of the device will serve as a way to alert the user in case there’s an unread notification or other events like an incoming call.

Furthermore, the concept featured on the patent won’t be limited to the iPhone 12 or future iPhones only. There were also images of other Apple products, such as the MacBook, depicted there.

Speaking of MacBooks, the folks from The Verge have pointed out that having the Apple logo illuminate isn’t something new. Such feature has already been seen on older MacBooks and the company only dropped it back in 2015 when they unveiled the 12-inch MacBook with Retina display.

As for whether a similar concept has been seen on non-Apple products, well, one example is the Razer Phone 2 which was released back in October 2018. Another example is the Motorola One Zoom which was released this month.

What are your thoughts about the iPhone 12 or future iPhones having such feature? Is it a good idea? Tell us in the comment section below.