iPhone 11 To Sport Inward Curving Screen And a New Touchless Gesture Feature: Report

Jasper Valdez
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With the iPhone X still fresh in everybody’s collective consciousness, it seems very unlikely for Apple to come forward with another tech marvel. However, despite the current iPhone model’s obvious success in the market, rumors persist that the Cupertino based innovator is readying itself for the unveiling of the iPhone 11.

If you think that the iPhone 11’s existence is the biggest surprise then you might have to think again. According to recent reports, the new iteration will forego the norm when it comes to the handset’s screen, which is a flat screen.

Allegedly, Apple is pursuing something much more innovative than the current trend of big, bezel-less screens. Bloomberg insiders recently revealed that the new iPhone 11 will come with a new air gesture feature and a curved OLED screen. In addition to this, sources shared that this particular move is Apple’s way of deviating itself from its competitors.

While these advancements have yet to appear on any Apple product, the technology itself isn’t something new to the mobile industry with Samsung employing curved screens and touchless gestures in their flagship lineup years ago specifically on the  Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Despite this being the case, Apple is said to be developing these features to suit their own taste, which means it will be something that we haven’t seen and that does not adhere to conventional methods of employing the said features.

The report says that the OLED screen in iPhone 11 will curve inwards rather than outwards, which sees that middle display at a deeper angle than the top and the bottom. In terms of gestures, Apple is said to be integrating this feature to enable other means of interacting with the device, which will eliminate the need for constantly coming into contact with the device. More interestingly, the new touchless feature will be able to detect the distance between the finger and the screen.

However exciting this may sound, Bloomberg said that these features are currently scheduled to appear two years from now, which means there’s a big possibility that the iPhone 11 won’t come with the said features once it drops this year. Another possible outcome is that we might not see the iPhone 11 until 2020.

We advise consumers and fans to take this development with a  grain of salt. Until Apple confirms these speculations, there isn’t that much merit to them.

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