Upcoming iPhone 11 And iPhone X Plus To Drop With The New A12 Chip Onboard, TSMC In For A Profitable Year

Jasper Valdez
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With Apple’s September unveiling drawing closer, people can’t help but expect a lot from the new rumored models. One aspect of the new iPhones which we all hope will receive a significant bump up is the chipset. It seems like we don’t have to continue wishing anymore as latest updates point out that the new iPhone 11 and iPhone X Plus will be coming with the new A12 chip in tow.

According to DigiTimes, TSMC – Apple’s chipmaker – is already ramping up the production of the so-called A12 chip – slated to appear in Apple’s next iPhone lineup. This particularly new chip will be manufactured using TSMC’s newest 7nm process – the first-ever to make the jump from the traditional 10nm process.

BGR indicates that Apple will likely choose to power the three handset models, mainly iPhone 11iPhone 9, and iPhone X Plus with the new A12 chip. The upcoming three iPhones will include two OLED-based devices and one with an LCD display. They say that this will be the case as Apple intends to trump over its competitors and one way of ensuring that they’re one step ahead is through the integration of this new chipset.

In terms of performance, it’s only natural to assume that the new chip will see an improvement from its predecessor the A11 Bionic chip, which is currently present on the iPhone X. However, at the moment, it still remains to be seen what particular enhancements and improvements it will offer the new roster of devices.

While it’s certainly a leap for Apple, the one who’s going to be making a profitable sum from the venture is no other than TSMC itself. DigiTimes says that this particular partnership will result in TSMC’s success for 2018 with profits tallying an all-time high. Industry sources also reveal that TSMC is also planning to pursue similar projects in the future, but it’s still unknown whether it will make use of the new 7nm process

Overall, it’s really exciting to see developments arise regarding Apple’s new iPhone 11 and iPhone X Plus. It gives us a clearer point of view as to what to expect from the upcoming roster. Although it’s positive in itself, all of these are just conjectures, for now, it’s always a must to look towards Apple for confirmations. That’s why we urge our readers to take these new updates with a grain of salt until proven otherwise.

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