iPhone 11 Or 2019 iPhone Could Sport This Ultimate Feature!

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One of the highly anticipated tech devices that’s coming this year is the iPhone 11 (aka 2019 iPhone) from Apple which is why it comes to no surprise that tech enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new leaks, rumors, and official talks about it.

So what new details do we have this time around about the iPhone 11? Well, apparently, Apple is working on an iPhone that allows it to work completely underwater. However, please take note that although the Cupertino-based tech company is supposedly working on an iPhone that could work underwater, it’s unclear whether it will be the iPhone 11 or another future iPhone.

The Ultimate Waterproof Mode?

YouTube channel EverythingApplePro who has 6.9 million subscribers uploaded a video talking about the iPhone 11, AirPods 2, and other Apple products. According to the YouTuber, some of the leaks mentioned came from Max Weinbach, XDA TV host and writer for XDA Portal.

But for this article, we’ll be sticking with the most interesting rumored feature of the iPhone — the waterproof mode. As mentioned by the YouTuber regarding the topic:

Apple is working on iPhones that work completely underwater,” and continued, “Apple is working on a display that can recognize your fingers even though it is completely surrounded by liquid.”

This is definitely something that tech enthusiasts will appreciate, especially devote Apple users.

Moreover, back in October 2018, AppleInsider published a report, saying that Apple has been on an iPhone that works better in the rain. This all thanks to two Apple patents titled “Finger tracking in wet environment“.

Now, if the rumor that EverythingApplePro mentioned is true and the concept design featured on the two patents will be applied to future iPhone products, that will definitely make future iPhones one hell of a high-end smartphone. However, the problem is: When will we start to see these features on the iPhones? Hopefully, it will be in the iPhone 11 at the earliest.

What do you think are the chances of the iPhone 11 having these waterproof features? Tell us in the comment section below.

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